Camping and Jealousy- Vikklan

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

I kicked at the tent pegs, groaning when I realised that I would have to set it up. Vikk kicked at it with me, wandering around aimlessly like a toddler because he just really couldn't be bothered to do anything, because neither of us had really wanted to go.

The two of us had reluctantly agreed to go camping with the other boys after days of begging and grovelling, saying we needed a break and to have some fun. Vikk and I had complained, saying that we would much rather stay back and work, that they could go without us, but nothing changed their minds.

They practically dragged us out to the car and forced us out into the woods, a camping ground near to a small lake or a pond, and then ran off to swim, leaving us alone to set up the tents.

"They're bloody idiots." Vikk growled, swearing under his breath. He plonked himself down on the ground and buried his head in his hands. "I so should have stayed at home."

I sighed and started setting up the tents, watching as the sun began to set over the horizon. Vikk started getting everything ready for dinner, boiling a pot of water for pasta and getting the pre-made sauce before coming over to help me with the tents.

The other boys didn't get back until well after dark, laughing and chatting happily, and Vikk was already fast asleep on the blow up mattress beside me. I glared at them before disappearing into the double tent and curled up on the mattress beside him.

There were 3 tents between the 6 of us and we had been separated into our ships, mostly because Mitch and Jerome were together and because Vikk was the closest to me out of all of the other boys. I also didn't want to go near any of the others, not after they had left Vikk and I alone to do everything that afternoon.

I heard them chatting together, completely oblivious to the fact that Vikk was asleep and that I was trying to sleep. They only shut up when I screamed at them, anger still streaming around in my blood.

"Fucking idiots." I mumbled, curling up beside Vikk.


Vikk and I got up early, about 8am the next morning, to go for a swim. Everyone else was still asleep and as we passed their tents I glared, kicking a stone on the ground because I was still pissed off with them. Vikk noticed.

"You good?" I shrugged.

"Mhm, just annoyed. They were dickheads last night." He smiled and pulled off his shirt, dipping his toes into the cool water and splashing me with it.

"You coming in?" I shook my head.

"Too cold for me, I'm just gonna dip my toes in." He nodded and waded further in, shrieking a little bit from the cold but within a few minutes he was ducking and diving, swimming around confidently like the little fish he was.

I had only taken my eyes off him for a minute, leaning into the pond to wash my hands, shivering from the cold, but when I looked back up Vikk had disappeared underneath the surface. After a few seconds a knew something was wrong.

When I saw his arm come up above the surface, splashing frantically, I leapt into the water and swam towards him, finding him stuck below the water. The water was quite deep, it came up to my shoulders and when I dove under I found that Vikk was stuck, his wrist caught between two rocks.

I was panicking, there were bubbles coming to the surface as he desperately tried to untangle himself, but he was completely stuck. I dove under again and at first I tried to dig his wrist out, scrabbling at the rocks around his limb, but they weren't going to move.

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