Chapter 22

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         Rory was distraught to learn that during her time in captivity, the pack fell apart. She knew that it was hard on Kole when she was missing, but she never thought that he would lose sight of himself and the pack. The pack had disbanded when Kole failed to continue his leadership and many were unhappy that they were forgotten in the time of chaos. Only about 12 wolves remained.
     It had been four days since Titus had returned her to the Kole and her pack, and since then Kole wasn't letting her out of his sight. At first she thought it was sweet, but now she was about ready to lose her mind. She needed some space. She could easily see how Kole had been too distracted and not  been able to lead the pack like he should have- regardless of her missing or not.  So much had changed while she was away and she didn't like it at all.

         She was in the kitchen cooking, preparing a nice sit down feast for those who were left. Kole had actually given her a few minutes of space, but it was in his absence that she wondered where he had went.

"Peter? Where it Kole?" She asked, wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that Titus was still being held as a prisoner.

"He went to check on a few things." Peter responded, being vague on purpose.

"You mean Titus?"

"I'm not really supposed to say, but yes." Peter said scratching at the back of his neck.

"I figured as much. Watch the stove, I will be back." She demanded.

"I'm not supposed to let you out of my sight."

"Peter!" She growled annoyed.

"Fine, sorry." He said giving in under her hard stare.

Rory made her way out of the house and moved towards the pack house. She knew something had to have been happening, because there were two members of the pack standing outside the basement door.

"Move." She said, not as polite as she normally would have bene but she could hear Kole yelling and the sound of a srcuffle occurring.

Wordlessly the two moved away from the door and allowed her to continue to the basement. The first thing she noticed when she reached the middle of the staircase was that there were multiple members of the pack and that Kole and Titus were in the cell.

"What are you doing?" She demanded as she saw Kole lift his fist again. He froze, turning towards her slowly looking guilty.

"Rory." He said, "What are you doing down here? Where's Peter?"

"He's watching the food. What are you doing to him?" Rory questioned.

"Getting answers."

"I told you, he helped me. Why are you treating him this way?" She said noticing the fresh bruise on Titus cheek only a third of the way healed.

"He may have helped you, but he still did nothing to get you home sooner." Kole moved towards her with a frown on his face.

"Kole." She said only his name, her tone letting everyone know how upset she was, btu it was her eyes that pierced Kole's that told him how disappointed she was with his actions.

"Are you hungry?" Rory asked after a two minute stare down with Kole, looking past him to Titus.

"Yes." Titus said.

"Good, dinner should be about ready." Rory smiled, holding her hand out to help the man up. She felt Kole tense behind her, and saw how Titus took her hand hesitantly his eyes drifting to Kole.

---*----*---- 5 YEARS LATER -----*-----*---

               That day was the turning point in her relationship with Kole and strengthened her position as Luna in the pack. Many were surprised that she forgave Titus, and treated him with kindness, but it was Kole that saw that the time she was hostage made her stronger, and more sure of herself.

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