Hide And Seek- Vikklan

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

I giggled a little as I watched JJ counting in the kitchen from my viewpoint around the corner, noticing as he skipping most numbers, going down from 100 to 70 in less than 3 seconds. When he got to 30 I fled, I didn't know where to hide as everyone else had already gone.

As I trod up the stairs I saw Ethan slip into the server room and he gave me a wink, placing his finger against his lips. Just then I heard JJ yell out downstairs "Ready or not, here I come little bitches!!!" I laughed at his words but then realised I wasn't hidden so I bolted up the stairs and into Vikk's room, the closest room to where I was standing.

I looked around the room, the curtains were still open and the outside world was dark which wasn't surprising considering A, it was 2am, B, there was a thunderstorm outside and clouds were covering and C, the power cut out. I groaned as the light cuts out.

I went for the only viable hiding place in the room, under Vikk's bed, and at first I didn't notice that there was someone else curled up under the bed with me. I turned around and saw Vikk, looking a little nervous because of the dark, curled up on the far side of the bed, staring at me curiously.

He looked a little creeped out in the dark so I shuffled closer to him, having heard JJ's stomping footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Where are youuuuuuuu???" He called, practically screaming it, and Vikk giggled shyly.

"Sorry Vikk, looks like we're stuck here now." I whispered and he nodded, not seeming at all bothered by the fact that I was pushed close to him.

"It's okay, I'm assuming you got stuck listening to JJ being an idiot?" He giggled and I inclined my head, shuffling closer to him.

The room had gotten colder since I had arrived, the heat leaking out of the room since the power had been cut and the heating was no longer working to keep us warm.

Vikk was only wearing a thin t-shirt and short so he quickly started shivering, biting down on his nails to stop his teeth from chattering and to make sure that I wouldn't notice, but I did. I shuffled closer.

"Come 'ere Vikk, you're shivering." At first he shook his head but once I gave him a stern glare and opened my arms for him to come closer, and after that he did.

He crawled closer and buried himself in my chest, his hands curling into fists around my t-shirt as he relaxed into me. He was a little unnerved and stiff in the dark, his breathing odd and heavy.

"You okay?" I asked, cuddling him close.

"Don't like the dark." He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "Never have."

I gently rolled him over so he was lying on my chest. It was a little squashed underneath the bed but we made it fit, Vikk nuzzling his head into my shoulder and his legs intertwining around mine. He looked sleepy and now he was close to me his cheeks were flushed red, no longer shivering.

"Is that better?" I mumbled, running my hand through his hair.

"Yeah, thanks Lachy." He whispered back, closing his eyes.

"Sleepy?" He giggled a little, freezing when we heard JJ stomping around on the floor above us, clearly throwing things around while trying to find someone. I also thought I heard Ethan's voice, meaning JJ had searched the server room and apparently ignored Vikk's.

"Mhm." He mumbled back, yawning weakly.

He fell asleep within a few minutes, drifting off into a peaceful sleep with his body nestled closely to mine. Even as I heard some of the other Sidemen marching around upstairs or running up and down the floors I started to fall asleep as well, my eyes slipping closed as my fingers ran through Vikk's hair.

Just before I slipped into a dreamless sleep I heard Vikk's door open and a set of footsteps headed towards the bed. I thought they were going to wake Vikk and I but instead they crouched down beside us, whispering to someone standing behind them.

"Oh my God that's so freaking cute!!!" I recognised the voice as Simon's and the next as Josh's.

"That's just fucking adorable but they look super uncomfortable." There was a general consensus of yeah. "Should we move them? They'll be sore in the morning if they sleep on the floor."

There was a little bit of shuffling and then someone lifted Vikk from my shift, making me reach out for him. I was then gently moved from the ground, up into the air but was pretty quickly placed back down on the bed, Vikk nestling himself down beside me.

Someone pretended to gag.

"I think I'm gonna be sick it's so cute." JJ complained, pulling up a blanket over the two of us. Someone closed the curtains, meaning the sunlight wouldn't awake us in the morning.

I wrapped my arm over Vikk and he curled himself closer to me. I heard the others leave and finally, in the quiet of the silent room, I drifted off into a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.


I woke up slowly, in the warm and dark with a body curled up next to me. Vikk was still fast asleep, curled up beside me with his hand still clinging to my t-shirt even while he was in a deep sleep. I ran my hand through his hair and to my surprise he stirred, opening his eyes and looking up to me.

"Hey Vikky." I whispered, pushing his hair out of his eyes. "Mornin' " He squinted and wrinkled his nose.

"Morning to you too." He mumbled, rolling over onto his back. "What happened?"

"I think we fell asleep under the bed but the others must of moved us." I said, as if I didn't know exactly what had happened. My heart was fluttering now that he was awake, my face flushed red because of the closeness to Vikk.

"Oh." He yawned. "Okay."

There was a few seconds of silence before he rolled back over, facing me. I paused, my heart in my throat, but I then felt a little more confident so I leaned over and kissed Vikk, feeling the surprise in the other boy but then he relaxed.

He kissed back, his hand coming around and clinging to the back of my neck. His lips were soft and I felt the passion behind it and when I pulled away he was bright red, but so was I.

"How long have you been holding onto those feelings Lachy?" Vikk asked, sitting up beside me. He ran his hand through my hair and I shuffled closer, leaning my head onto his shoulder.

"Far too long I think." I ran my thumb along his cheek and Vikk smiled, catching my hand and kissing the top of it. I smiled.

"Yeah." He leaned up and kissed me again. "It was far too long."

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