Chapter 3

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Fifth birthday

Camilla's point of view

Today is my birthday! I am so excited! I run down the stairs to tell my dad. “Daddy! Daddy! Its my birthday!” I find him in the kitchen with my godparents and a fat three year old Mason. They're laughing and having fun. I knew I wasn't wanted here.

Seventh birthday

Today was the day. I was going to run away. My father is at James and Lily's house today so he won't be a problem. Well I guess he wouldn't care either way.

I have everything packed in a backpack. After I leave I will head to Diagon Alley to grab some money from my vault, but I don't know where I'm going, I just know I have to get away. I head to the fireplace and grab some floo powder. I throw the floo powder on the floor as I say clearly “Diagon alley.” As I exit the fireplace I see a lot of witches and wizards buying school supplies for the next school year.

~·~After Gringotts (because I'm lazy)~·~

I got some of my money transfered into muggle money incase of an emergency. As I exit Gringotts I bump into a slightly older looking kid. “Oh, my god I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention.” I tell the stranger. He has blond hair and light blue eyes.

“Its okay, but if you don't mind me asking what's your name?” he asks me. Stranger Danger signs pop up in my head but I feel like I can trust him.

“Camilla Black, and what's your name?” I ask him.

“Liam Sanchez ” he tells me. “It's dangerous here we need to get away” he says looking around.

“Wait.. What do you mean by dangerous?” I ask Liam. Liam looks behind me in a panic he grabs my arm and starts pulling me out of Diagon Alley. “Wait! What are you doing!” I screamed in shock. I looked behind me and saw a huge big black dog. “What is that?!?” I screamed at Liam

“no time to explain” he told me. We both started to run faster as the monster was starting to catch up. By now we're in muggle London. “Into that alley” Liam tells me. We both rushed inside the alley as Liam got a sword out of nowhere….wait what...Where did he get that sword!? We saw the dog/monster thing coming at us, Liam gets ready to attack it. As soon as the blade hits the flesh of the dog/monster thing it turns into dust. I stand there in shock. “What the fuck just happened?!?” I yell.

“Well that monster that you just saw is a hellhound and you are a demigod.” he tells me.

“What's a demigod?” I ask him.

“This might take a while, so do you know about greek gods and goddess?”he ask me.

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