Chapter 6

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The sexy Mr.Mathew!

Austin's P.O.V

The next day went as usual. Well except for the fact that I was now on a date with Zayden. I know I know! I'm calling him by his name now. He doesn't like me calling him Mr. Mathew. He says it makes him feel really old.

Now I know what you're asking, where did he take you for the date. Well he being all romantic brought me to a forest, lights hanged around us, a table in the middle with candles on the table, candles and red rose pedals surrounding us. This date just seemed to be pulled out of a fairy tail. Oh and there a beautiful water fall right behind us. Absolutely gorgeous!

He wouldn't tell me where he was taking me. In fact, he blind folded me the whole way. It was worth it though. This place was breathe taking.

"It's beautiful Zayden. Thank you so much!" I smile wide and hug him tightly

"Anything for you baby." He whispers in my ear softly. He hugs me back and slowly pulls away "Come on little one, we should eat before it gets cold"

He grabs my hand and pulls me gently to the table. He pulls out the chair and pushes it in when I sit down.

"Thank you" I smile and blush a deep red.

"Baby, you don't need to thank me. It's my job to take care of you and to treat you like a prince". This again making me turn a deeper red.

We then start eating and soon finish. He pulls out a remote and soon music is playing "My I have this dance little one?" I stretches out his hand and I take it. He pulls me into his arms, resting his hands on my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head on his chest.

We dance for what seems like hours. He gently pulls me away and kisses me softly. I kiss back and smile wide. Soon we're making out. He pulls away and rests his forehead against mine.

"It's getting kinda late. Do you want me to take you home or well... Well maybe you can sleep over my house if you'd like."

"I-I well.. If you don't mind. I'll just say I stayed at Joey's or Nathan's house"

He growls and kisses me roughly "Mine!"

"Yours! Yes yours. It what I'm going to to say. I'm not going to sleep over their house " I smile and peck his lips

He calms down and buries his face into my neck "Sorry little one but I can't help it. I don't even like the thought of you sleeping in another guys house, much less his bed. I'll rip them to shreds!"

"It's ok. It's really cute actually. Let me give them a call" I quickly call them and tell them I'm sleeping over Nathan's house, Zayden of course growls but I grab his hand and hold it tightly. I hang up the phone and look up at him "they said it was fine"

"I wish you can say you were saying with me baby." He pouts and hugs me tightly

"Soon. I won't keep you in the dark forever. I want them to know of my big sexy werewolf!" I giggle and kiss his cheek

"Sexy? You think I'm sexy?" I blush a deep red and nod

"Mmm well you better think I'm the only sexy man" I quickly nod "yes you are! " He chuckles and leads me to his car. He opens the door and I climb in. He then closes the door and runs to the driver side.

We start driving to his house. He grabs my hand as he drives and every once in a while gives it a kiss. We soon arrive to his house. It was gorgeous! Huge!

He opens the door for me and I get out with my mouth hung open. "This is my home. Soon to be yours little one. The pack had their own house. I do live there as well but this here is only my home. Like I said soon to be yours." I smile and walk inside with him

"It's beautiful! Very homey! I love it!" I smile and look around as he leads me in which I'm guessing his room. We walk in and once again I look around in awe "wow!"

Once I'm done making a fool out of myself I look around for Zayden and see him walking out of this closet with cloths in his hand. I then look at him and see the he changed. He was wearing sweatpants and NO shirt!

He will be the death of me. I could help but almost drool over him. He chuckles and walk over to me. He hands me the cloths and kiss my forehead " Change baby. I'll wait in bed." I nod quickly and walk to the bathroom. I quickly change and walk outside.

"Mmm baby you look so sexy in my shirt. From now on whenever you come to m- our home you wear my shirts" I blush a deep red and nod. "Come here little one" I walk over to the bed and climb in

Once in the bed I couldn't but wonder if he's brought other people here. To lay or even have sex with him in this bed "Stop it babe. No one other then you and my family have been here. I made a promise to myself that only my mate would come to my house. No one but you baby. I... I even saved myself for you." I look at him with teary eyes and kiss him passionately. He pulls me closer to him and gives my ass a squeeze. I whimper softly and begin to grind myself on his leg. He pulls away and shakes his head "Not yet little one. I want our first time to be perfect. Now come on let's get some sleep and tomorrow I'll show you around"

"Ok Zayden. Night my sexy werewolf." He chuckles and kisses my forhead.

"Night little one" I hear just before I fall asleep

I'm soooooo sorry! I've been so busy! I promise to update as soon as I can! I love that you guys are liking my story! It means so much to me! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it!



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