Love Confessions

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I fell asleep as Aarav's car raced away from the police station. I couldn't feel any of my limbs, but at least I was safe.

It had me wondering what kind of tortures Aniket is facing right this moment.

Or he is not alive.

I shut my eyes tighter, as if trying to force my brain from stop thinking such pessimistic thoughts.

When I wake up from my partial slumber, I see Aarav staring at me openly. He averts his eyes quickly, clearing his throat while doing so.

He must be really worried for me. At least, now I know that I made some good allies.

Alisha will look after the hospital if I die trying to save Aniket, and Aarav will inform my parents and return my dead body. If he could carry my dead body.

It was either me or Aniket. One of us will have to die to save the other. And I will always choose him over me.

The thought made me guilty for a second. I was willing to give my life, but what about the innocent baby growing inside me? What did it do to not even deserve a chance in this beautiful life?

I can't die. I'll try, at least, to save myself for my baby.

I definitely cannot fight in this situation, and I don't think the scrawny nerd beside me learned any martial arts. I have to fend for myself. He will be my 'bodyguard'. I snort at the thought.

No one will ever pick him of all people to be a bodyguard. He's too angular, too smart and definitely too clumsy to be a bodyguard of all things.

"What are you thinking about?" Aarav asks, unlocking the seat belt for me.

I ignore his question, noticing that the car had stopped and we stood in a deserted place. Trees imprisoned us, leaving a rusty old metal building in front of us to be our only path to explore.

He's in there, I realize. I've come this close to finding my husband, so I will not give up. I cannot afford to give up.

God, why did he have to get kidnapped just when he was starting to harbor feelings for me? The thought of having to see him with his memory lost once agin was traumatic. It was hard enough the second time, but the third time I have to make him fall in love with me, it will be hideous. I will be a mess, of course.

I can't even fathom the idea of him not loving me.

"Let's go." I say, picking up my crutches from the back seat. I plant the metallic supports on the dry earth below the car, and twist my body to the left,  placing my feet on the ground carefully.

I wince as a sharp pain travels up my leg and bothers me at the core of my brain, alerting me of the unhealthy pressure I'm putting  on my injured ankle.

If I even find the bull man who shot me, I want to give a good whack on his bald head, and shoot him in his ankle.

"Are you sure you don't want me to carry you?" Aarav says, inching towards me and looking at my crutches cautiously.

I suddenly realize that I have metal weapons in my hands. It was ironic; the sole materials that were supposed to seem like a weakness was my best hope of fighting for my Aniket.

"Are you sure you can? I'm afraid for my life." I eye him, as he interlocks his hand behind his head in frustration.

"Fine. Refuse my help. That's what your good at. Pushing people away." He snickers, and I don't react.

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