Arise Brothers and Sisters

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Vastly different from one another,

Yet united in this perplexing place.

Each have sorrow waiting to recover,

Hoping one day to finally find grace.

Tormented by this painful civil war.

Consumed by rage like a terrible beast.

Wondering each day what we should live for,

Mourning the lost joy that has been deceased

We continue to fight one another,

Building tolerance to have it swept away.

Why can't we act like sister and brother?

Life's harder for us when we betray.

Together, we are a nation of might,

But disbanded we are frail as the leaves.

With new hope, we can end feeling contrite,

Which can be found for whoever believes.

Each day pray for love to one another,

See the miraculous wonders it makes.

We have new-found paths we can discover,

Learning from the past and our grave mistakes.

Don't let go of dreams we can all achieve,

Living life full of harmony and peace.

The sorrow in our hearts we can relieve,

If the fury in our souls, we will cease.

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