Preface: Married to a Stranger

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Hello! This is the preface. I'm trying to prove that this isn't some all-action, sci-fi, nerd novel. It ACTUALLY has a lot of romance in it! Amazing, right? ;P Oh yeah, and I cut out the Immortal part int he title since, well, it's a nerdy word.



The tall, well built 18 year old guy with red irises and jet black hair slammed Number 31 against the wall, his beautiful face inches from hers.

No one noticed the two despite it only being eight o'clock. In this part of town, even assault was nothing to raise and eyebrow about.

"Look," he sighed with annoyance. "You can choose to marry me or not. You can choose to live freely after about ten years of being my wife, or you can get through back into the slave trade."

The guy smiled with malice. "You do know that female slaves do more than laundry, right?" He learned forward and brushed his lips against Number 31's ear with meaning. He chuckled darkly as she tensed immediately.

"So what will it be?" he murmured into her ear.

Number 31 swallowed, and weighed her options. She could tear her pride into shreds, shove all her dark memories and pains inflicted by the "humans", and marry him. She would only have to convince the entire political world that she was a "human", not an "indenture". Sure. Just pretend you're another species and fool the smartest people in the world. No problem. Besides, if it went badly, all she would have to face was death.

But then, Number 31 told herself, she could go back to the slave trade. This guy would sell her to some other corporation, and she'd be bought again. She'd have to work for her new owner until the day she died. And by work, it meant... Number 31 recoiled at the thought. Making love to some stranger possibly fifty years older than her? Not slapping his filthy face when he caressed her? Death would come first.

"Alright," Number 31 growled. "I'll marry you."

The guy pulled back, just enough so that he could see her face.

"Excellent. I'm Nathan Walker," he smiled. He kissed her with a sense of smug triumph, and Number 31 kissed back. With that, their pact was sealed, and she was officially the mistress of someone she hated most. Too bad he couldn't die.

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