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THE MALL WAS LESS ACTIVE THAN SHE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. She expected crowds of chattering adolescents, spending money that didn't belong to them and staring wistfully at useless things. However, there were few customers walking around, and they all seemed to be adults, shopping for clothes.

She wasn't there to buy anything. Of course, she had money with her, but she had no intentions of spending it. No, she was only there for the sake of being there. She needed to get out of the apartment, map out the city and its potential hiding places. She often chose heavily crowded areas, because it was much easier to blend in and disappear in a large group of people than in an abandoned area.

Alas, the mall was relatively empty, leaving her out in the open. She didn't care too much. If anything happens, she told herself, I have my shield. That was good enough for her, and Kendria began her slow walk around the building.

She still felt the ache from all of her training. Heeding Aizawa's warning about overworking herself, she moved on to smaller exercises and shortened her Quirk training time. It still helped, she could feel that, but she didn't feel as fatigued as before. There was only one week left until the exams, and while she planned on training until the last minute, she decided it would be good to take a short break and roam the city, in case she was sent back to America early.

And so, she drifted through the quiet mall, glancing at each little store.

"So are you nervous?"

"Heh, this'll be easy." The voices floated around the corner, alerting her that there were people coming her way. She peered around the bracelet kiosk, pushing the black fabric of her beanie away from her eyes.

Three boys, around her age if she was correct, trudged into the ... hallway? Corridor? She didn't know what to call it, only that she was no longer alone.

"I've got the best Quirk of 'em all. Those extras don't stand a chance!" said the leader of the trio, his voice echoing through the empty building. It sounded familiar. He looked familiar. She swore she'd encountered this boy before.

She kept her eyes trained on the bracelets in front of her, picking one up and feeling the smooth carved yellow flower that adorned its plain black leather strap. All thoughts of familiar-sounding boys abandoned, she pulled out her wallet and gave the required money to the dozing woman that ran the stand.

Clasping her new keepsake around her wrist to join the five others that occupied it, she turned and began to walk away, wondering where the flow would take her next.

"Hey!" She reached up to grab her headphones, as she would much rather listen to her loud music than the loud voice. "Don't ignore me!" The movement was automatic, after so many years of pulling the padded plastic over her ears. She pressed the little button that caused her saved playlist to begin, making her phone buzz in her pocket. The voice, though muffled, grew louder, so she moved to turn up the volume --

A dome of blue glass-like material appeared around her as she activated her Quirk, just in time to block the burning hand. The boy that the hand belonged to, tall and furious, yelled and kicked at the shield. She tilted her head and removed her headphones.

" -- the heck, you freaking extra?!" His temper seemed almost as explosive as his spiky ash blonde hair, or perhaps the literal explosives produced from his hands would be a better comparison. "I don't know who you think you are, but you better not mess with me!"

She stared at him blankly, watching as he landed blow after blow on her shield. She would probably have bruises later, but that was just the way her Quirk worked. The boy continued to growl in frustration.

Oh. She had seen this boy before, she realized. He was the one she bumped into at the gym. That was over a week ago, and she briefly wondered if that was what he was so upset about now. However, the thought quickly left as she remembered that she didn't care about his motives or feelings.

That was when the flow decided that it would be best to return to Aizawa's apartment. It seemed that the boy's little spat would have to wait for another day.

She turned and began to walk away, her shield still up in case he followed her.

"My name is Katsuki Bakugo, and don't you forget it, you little runt!"

He needs to numb his mind for a bit, she thought as she left the mall. It would do him some good to learn to not care.



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