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hyejin, naeun and i were still talking in the backyard, and i still couldn't process everything that happened.
the fact that i had six more boys to go made it even worse..

to take my mind off of things, i decided to turn my phone back on, but that was a bad decision.

as soon as it turned back on again, it was flooded with messages and missed calls.

'oh my god.' naeun exclaimed while hearing all the notifications coming from my phone.
'why did i turn it back on?!' i yelled out in frustration.

i quickly took a look at the notifications, and i had messages and missed calls from all of the boys, except mark.

while i was still reading a few, renjun's messages stood out the most.

renjun💌: miyeon?
                can i come over?
                we need to talk.
                what was your address again?
                nevermind, i found it.
                i'm on my way.

wait what?
he's on his what?

'miyeon, are you okay?' hyejin asks while looking at me with a look of worry on her face.
i nod my head while secretly planning to fake my own death and change my name to ashley.

just when i was wanting to run upstairs to my room, the doorbell rang, again.

'it's probably another one of your lovers' hyejin joked, but i didn't think it was funny at all.
i could smack her so hard, but as the responsible older sister that i am, i held back.
i just sighed, rolled my eyes and walked to the front door, knowing there wasn't any way of escaping this.

i opened the door and saw renjun standing there with the letter in his hands.
'miyeon.' he breathed out before an awkward silence took over.
'uh.. come in?' i said hesitantly while stepping aside so he could enter.

the boy entered my living room and i saw hyejin and naeun peeking inside the house from the corner of my eyes.

'can you explain this? i'm really confused.' he said while showing the letter.
'uh.. t-that's a letter?' i tried but it was no use.
'miyeon, i'm serious.' he sighed while looking at me.

it was silent for a few moments, how can i explain to him that it's not a valid letter anymore in the best way possible?

oh come on miyeon, you did it with jaemin, how can this be a problem.

'look, i know it seems bad, and everything i wrote in that letter is true-' i started, but renjun interrupted me.
'you like me?' he asked.
i gulped and laughed awkwardly.
'that's what i'm trying to say.' i start again, this time without interruptions.
'i don't feel that way anymore.' i say while looking down.

'oh.' he said, and he sounded kinda disappointed.

why would he be disappointed?

'well um.. that was all i needed to know.' he said.
i wanted to say something but he looked at his watch and spoke before i could.
'i-i have to go.' he said and he rushed out of the house.


when the front door closed, hyejin and naeun walked in again.
'well that was weird.' naeun said.
'and awkward.' hyejin finished.

i sighed and ran a hand through my hair.
'eavesdropping again?' i asked them and they giggled awkwardly.

'sorry! it's just so tempting!' naeun said, really close to yelling.

'you know what it doesnt matter.' i sighed while plopping down on the couch and turning on the tv.

'it's such a mess anyway.'

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