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{Opposites Attract}
{Hazel Martinez ~ Margot Robbie}
{Kassandra Young ~ Phoebe Tonkin}
{Christopher Martinez ~ Matthew Noszka}
{Marco Rodriguez ~ Justin Baldoni}
{Anthony (Tony) Roux ~ Miles McMillan}
{Kristine Young ~ Anne Hathaway}


Tony bursts through the door of our dorm. "tHis, this is our home now sis."

"Sweet." I say tumbling through the door with all the baggage tint managed to pile onto my as payback, "Please keep it clean."

"What about if I have my man whores over?"

"Your what?" I laugh.

"Should've heard it the first time ya deaf bitch."

"I did, and I wish I didn't."

"If it makes you uncomfortable I-"

"Nah I'll find a club to occupy myself with whilst you drive yourself crazy." It wasn't a lie, I'm pretty sure I could find somewhere in university to occupy myself

"Oh please, it'll be me driving all the boys crazy." He winks.

I chucked my bags onto my bed on the right side of the room I guess I just claimed.

And then I threw Tony's bag to his side. "Hey siS, im gonna go get my timetable, you coming?"

"i will stay here n drown in the amount of boxes we have left t unpack."

"What a bore," he sighs leaving the room.

I stand with my hands on my waist and sigh also. I walk forward deciding to explore the room more. There was a bathroom not to small or too big, obviously with white tiles, I doubt any university would go out there and have a colourful bathroom. There was also a small kitchen, just big enough to have enough space to properly prepare a room, but no living room or dining room 

What a shame. But what caught my eye was that there were three beds in total which kinda made me anxious.

Me and Tony sharing a room with someone else? Another person having to deal with his countless amount of man whores being over and- uGh lets not even get into that.

I took the bed near the window, perfect for times where I just want to zone out listen to music and stare at the stars. I've always been a sucker for space, I don't know why. It's just always appealed to me, what it would be like to be so far away from this fucked up planet and somewhere new, quiet, peaceful.

oPe and that sounded really emo.

I'm not depressed I swear! Well I think, I don't know. I've had a great life, my parents were happily married and i was a happy child. I'm just a deep thinker you could say.

In the space of my deep thinking I managed to pack out everything I needed out my suitcase and fix my bed. My most important item: my speaker, I cannot survive any amount of time anywhere without my music. Honestly think I'd go insane.

I turn my speaker up as loud as it can go and jump onto my bed blasting Panic! At The Disco.

Sadly like 10 seconds into the song someone was already knocking down my door. I groan getting up and answering.

"Hey could yo-"

ugh it was Kassandra.

"Not surprised it would be you playing such a dead artist anyway." She comments smirking.

Firstly :0.

"One day we're going to fight, and on that day not only will you die, but it will be a long and painful death." I smile.

"ooooo feisty, just how I like them."

"Are we really going there again?" I roll my eyes

"We could go further."

"I'm appalled at myself for not kicking you across campus already."

"Because you want meeeeee." She whines in the most annoying pitch.

"Yep bye." I close the door but she puts her foot out stopping it. "What makes you think I won't crush your foot?"

"Your weakass could never."

"damn you right." I sigh in defeat.

"I basically live next door do yanno, keep the music down."

I raise my eyebrow smiling at her ridiculous request . She looks at me smiling too, but still confused. "What's so funny?"

"The fact you assumed I'd listen to you."

"Worth a shot." She shrugs.

"Is that what you've been telling yourself for the past what- 10 years when you've constantly tried hitting on me."


"I'm still straight so uh you're getting nowhere."

"Really?" She raises her eyebrows as if I was lying. She steps closer to me and a gulp under pressure.

"Yes I'm pretty sure I still want dick in my vagina." I said bluntly. She was a bit taken back but we wouldn't be in this situation if she gave up would we?

"We'll see about that."

"It wasn't a challenge."

"But I'm gonna take it as one."

She takes everything as a challenge as if she wants to rub it in everyone's faces that she's better than everyone with a rich mum and dad and probably a house in every state of this goddamn country.

It's not like I was jealous or anything because I love my life and my family and my financial situation is great!

In my opinion she's just another rich snobby play girl.

"I'm gonna turn my music up again."

She rolls her eyes smiling. "Catch you later Hazelnut."

"It's Hazel."

"Sure thing sweetheart." She winks finally leaving.

wHaT tHe fUck riChArD. I slam the door shut to emphasise how annoyed I was at her. I know to you it might not seem like anything but everything she does manages to make my blood boil.


So I've actually started writing and and damn I forgot how fun this is 🤣🤣

peace out gays and not so gays, don't forget to vote share and comment, love you alllll >;3

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