chapter seventeen

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( Sunday, 6th November, 1988)

CAITLIN SMILED AT Molly who sat the girl down on a chair and told her to wait. What she was waiting for–Caitlin had no clue.

"Would you like some cake?" Molly asked her as Caitlin shook her head "no, thank you molly. Charlie and I are going out for his birthday and I think we will get food down there."

Molly nodded her head "thank you again. For taking Charlie out" she said while smiling at Caitlin who smiled back.

While they were waiting for Charlie coming down the stairs Molly told Caitlin an old story of the sixteen year old boy.

"When Charlie was four he loved to 'read' books about any magical creature that you could find in the world. And so he wanted to be—who've heard about Newt before haven't you?"

Caitlin nodded her head "Yeah."

"Well he wanted to just be like Newt. He loved that mans books. He would read it every single day whenever he was younger! I think he even reads it now. It's a very old copy and probably ripped to shreads!"

"We are having a bit of a 'party' here and it's perfect that your taking him out because I need to get this place done for the party. Even though he isn't seventeen I just want him to have a very special thank you for distracting him!"

Caitlin smiled at Molly. "I wanted to do something for his birthday. Now when do you need us back for?"

"Umm.....ten pm! Yes, yes ten will do lovely" Molly smiled "they are all growing up fast. Oh gosh. I remembered when Arthur and I had Bill. He was so small and I knew that I wanted to have a bigger family."

Molly smiled at the memories of the children being younger. "One turned into two and then two to three....well you get the idea."

Caitlin nodded her head "I just want to have a small family. Maybe....two children. I don't think I can handle a big family."

" don't know until you try."

"Charlie and I won't get married this early. Maybe whenever we are twenty-two or so. I don't want to rush into marriage."

A silence fell over the two. Until Molly started a conversation again.

"How's your brother?" Molly asked her. "He's good, very good. Still practicing Qudditch. He's doing well in his studies as well. We both are. The twins are....well rascals but that's twins for you. Mum has her hands full with the twins and dad is still working."

"That's good dear. Where is that boy. I swear keeping a lady waiting who is taking you out for dinner. I'm going to slap him..."

Molly was rambling on and on before yelling:



Caitlin laughed at the pair. The she heard footsteps and a small 'ow.'

"Charlie....did you really fall down the stairs?" Caitlin asked while laughing. "It's not funny!" He yelled as Caitlin grabbed his hand to help him up.

"Yeah it's not just funny...."

"It's hilarious!"

The twins yelled behind the couple. "AH!" Caitlin yelled and was clinging onto Charlie burying her head into his shoulder.

"I don't like surprises" she mumbled as Charlie held her close. "I know cat. I know."

Charlie looked at the twins, singling for them to go. "The twins are gone. No more surprises cat."

Caitlin lifted her head up slowly and saw that there was indeed no twins. "You play Qudditch and a simple jump scare actually makes you jump?"

"My brother used to do it to me when I was younger and I hated it. And by the way I have a very fragile head Mr Weasley."

"Okay. Okay. Damn woman you hit hard."

Caitlin rolled her eyes and walked to the kitchen. "We are going now" she told the oldest Weasley woman."

"Alright dear. Make sure that he doesn't get into trouble!"

"Hey! I don't get into trouble every time I go out...."

"Don't worry Molly. I'll make sure."

"I do not!"

"Charles dear....keep on walking."


"This place is lovely."

Caitlin smiled and nodded her head. "I used to come here whenever it was the summer holidays. It was owned by a very sweet old woman and now it is ran by her granddaughter."

"Caitlin! It's nice to see you again." A girl about Bills age said. "Ruby it's very nice to see you too. Can I get a table for two?" Caitlin asked and Ruby nodded her head.

"In the corner over there."

Ruby pointed to two seat at the back of the restaurant. "Thank you" she said and grabbed Charlie's hand and brought him down to the table.

"So what do you want?"

"Um.....ooooh shepherds pie!" Charlie's yelled quietly and Caitlin nodded her head "I'll have that as well!"

The two ordered and ate. And talked quietly then they went back to Mollys.........


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