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Where you make me forget about all the troubles I have.


Monica leaned on the kitchen counter as she scrolled through her iPad looking for the perfect wedding venue. In three months, she was going to be marrying the love of her life, Devin Bateman. She was honestly just ready to drive to Las Vegas and get married there. Planning a wedding was so stressful. Especially when she was doing it by herself.

She felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist before she felt soft pecks on her neck. Suddenly, she fell in love all over again.

"Still haven't found a venue huh?" Devin chuckled as he massaged her shoulders. She couldn't help but let a moan escape from her mouth. She loved his massages.

"No. I've been looking at this one though." She said as she handed him the iPad. "Maybe we could go look at it."

Devin grabbed the iPad and looked at the ballroom that Monica had her eyes set on. It was big and had an amazing view of Downtown Atlanta. Just in case people wanted to get married outside. He swiped left and right on the pictures as he entered their living room.

"It's nice and all. But I thought the man was just supposed to buy a tuxedo and show up? The woman did all of the work." He said as he plopped on the dark brown couch.

"Boy, this ain't the old days. You're either coming with me. Or there won't be a wedding." She said as she sat on the couch next to him. He groaned as he sat the iPad down.

"Baby, I don't know shit about planning a wedding. What happened to you getting the dream wedding you've always wanted? You send me the bill and I'll pay it. It's that simple." He shrugged as he flipped through the channels. She wasn't stressing because of the cost. Money was no problem for them. She was just stressing about finding a venue that isn't already booked.

"Okay but I wanna do some of this stuff with you. Cake tasting-"

"I don't eat cake."

"Looking at wedding venues-"

"Any venue is fine."

"Okay, what about inviting the guests? I can't create a guest list by myself."

"Invite whoever you want." He said, never taking his eyes off of the basketball game that was on the flat screen TV. Monica smacked her lips together as she rolled her eyes. She understood that he didn't know nothing about planning a wedding but neither did she. She just wanted to spend more time with him. Devin noticed her sudden change of attitude and smacked his lips together.

"Come here-"

"Naw I'm fine. I'm about to go take a shower." She told him as she stood up. He sighed while shaking his head once he heard her stomp up the steps like she was a child.


Harley D.

I checked my phone for any missed calls or messages and got nothing in return. It had been two days since I received a call from my brother and my aunt. I was starting to get worried. I made a mental note to call once I had some free time.

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