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1 months past.

David was back to vlogging and we told everyone I was pregnant. I was huge. I still had a long way to go. 6 months ain't gonna get here fast.  I've noticed that David doesn't get out of the house as much as he used to.
He is always here. I kinda want him to get out more and hang out with his friends.

"Hey babe, you should go hang out with you friends today." I day

"No. I can't leave you here." He said sitting next to me.

"Well you should." I say

"Why don't we go find out the gender of the baby."
David says

"I kinda wanna wait!"

"Okay it whatever."

"Go with your friends." I say

"Fine but call me if anything happens." He says

As soon as he said that it made me wonder how much he loves me it makes me so happy. I love that he loves me.

4 minutes later

I was sitting home alone. I already puked again. I felt so bad. Then I got a knock on the door.

I open it

To David

"Baby, I can't leave you."
"Awe, cm' here" I say I point to him.

"I love y'all to much to leave my babies." He says

I lift open my shirt to my growing stomach. I felt pretty good. I only puke about 2 every week but it's honestly so worth it.

"What did I do to deserve a man like you." I say out loud.

"You rode on a plane ride with me and we did stuff." He says as he wiggles his eyebrows.

"Your stupid." I say and push him over.

"Why am I the stupid one, you did it with me." He says laughing.

"Yeah I guess I'm a complete idiot for it, and gonna have a BABY in 6 months.

"I know and I can't wait. Can you?"

"Trust me I want her out now!"

"I bet"

We watch some more tv and he snuggles up to me. He makes my heart melt so much, it hurts.

"Our baby is gonna be so cute." He says

"I know, the baby is gonna have your cuteness and my personality."
I say

"No the baby is gonna have your cuteness." He says

"No I don't think so." I say

"I know so."

Its almost crazy. I'm having a baby with the love of my life. It's unreal.


Aloha. Lol I'm excited for what this book has in store ladies!!!!❤️❤️ good morning it's Monday, sadly! And it's so cold outside! I might freeze! 😭🤠

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