95| Stands for

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White cold eyes,
Breath frozen, too harsh,
I guess thousand lives ain't
Enough for a broken heart,

For you go around,
With a knife in your hand,
Wrists open for you darling,
Cut as many as you can,

Slow dance on their graves,
And feel good about yourself,
Maybe one day you'll get played,
Like you played someone else,

When daisies tugged behind your ears,
Start melting with your lies,
And the bittersweet taste of agony,
Will try to eat you alive,

I hope you finally give in,
Your ruthlessness to the sky,
And let the rain wash away the dirt,
You soiled yourself in tonight,

I'll be standing above you,
Like I have been before,
Maybe you'll know then,
What heartbreak stands for.

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