Chapter 25.

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"The storms are raging on the rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet"


A knock at the door grabs my attention from my spot on the couch I'm sure I made a permanent dent in these last 8 hours.

I was too nervous to really move, I felt weird being in Harrys home by myself. Almost like an intruder, spying on a world I shouldn't be in.

Or maybe it's just because he wasn't here, maybe it was just missing him that made it feel so empty and uninviting.

I sat on the couch counting every single one of the tapes in his lounge room, there's 305.

I probably spent a good two hours playing inspector gadget in my own head trying to figure out what could be on them, or furthermore if I even wanted to know.

I then moved on to a good three hours of tetris on my phone, not to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal at it now.

I pad towards the door, tugging down at the hem of Harrys shirt, I brought it with me from my place, and decided just to put it on a couple of hours ago, I'm such a sap.

When I reach the door I grab the handle, pausing to check that it's him "Who is it?"

"The boogeyman" that same voice drawls through the door.

I smile to myself, feeling my stomach knit in excitement as I pull the door open.

My eyes fall on Harry standing in a carelessly buttoned dress shirt, those same black jeans and smirk that makes my heart skip instead of infuriating me.

"Boo" he says lowly, raising his brows.

"You're not scary" I bite back a laugh as I glance over him again, there's something different about the way I look at him now, it's like there's a whole new side to him since I've invited him inside me, to set up camp in my chest and warm his hands by the fire he's started in it.

He's holding a gift bag in his hand, and I look at it confused. Has he been shopping? I thought he was at work?

"How was work?" I ask, wondering what kind of job requires him there so late.

He still won't tell me what he does specifically, it's always the same answer 'customer service and waste management' - when I asked where he worked, I got a vague 'in the city' before he changed the subject.

His entrancing eyes give me a once over as he brings his fingers up to play with his lower lip, he looks to my face, blinking a few times before launching forward through the door way, pulling me towards him by my wrist as his lips connect with mine.

My brows raise, not expecting him to pounce on me as soon as I opened the door, but I can't complain, I'm secretly doing cartwheels in my own head. He kicks the door closed behind us, only breaking the kiss for a split second to sit his bag down before his fingers are laced into my hair and his tongue is slipping into my mouth to explore it as I try and keep up.

I rest my hands against his chest to balanced myself, feeling my stomach float and tingle inside of me as his lips caress mine.

His lips break from mine as he trails them down my jaw to my neck, dancing his hands down over my shoulders, down my waist and go until they reach my bare thighs, his fingers barely sliding under the material of his shirt as they caress over my skin causing goosebumps to react over my entire body.

"I have a new rule for while you're here" he hums against my neck, peppering kisses along it "You wear my shirts or nothing at all"

I laugh under my breath, slipping my hands down to rest on his waist "When did you come up with this rule?"

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