Chapter 19-The Dark Side Of Moon

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-The Day After Chapter 19-

Sagapaw felt sorry for Ravenheart. He has lost his clan, friends,and family because of Darktail. She is still alive, controlling Lakeclan. I can not compare my experiences to him in full, but I can feel empathy for him. I have lost my mother and have suffered because of my clan.

She and Ravenheart had met in each other each night for moons now in their dreams. The knew each other inside and out. Moon had helped them work together. The future, what the plans were, were uncertain, but it was nice to have a friend to talk to, to have someone to talk to. He was her most close friend. A much better friend then that fox heart Sagepaw, that's for sure!

Right now, she could hear his rage as he spoke and see his tails flying in a frenzy. "I just can't believe it! Now I have no clan and family because of that horrid Mender! My father rejected me over my clan! He has all rights to banish me, but for that long? And to not even offer me food by the border, or at least help me in some way."

Sagepaw stoked her tail down his back to try to calm him down. "It is not your fault, remember that! Do not close your heart to your father in anger, as I once did!"

But Ravenheart ranted on, ignoring her. "For her to know that I would plan what I did upsets me greatly! I killed an innocent look-a-like rogue whose family were hostages. They will never be able to be a complete family again! I killed an innocent cat! To live with that knowledge is unbearable for me!

"Listen to me Ravenheart!" snapped Sagepaw in an effort to get his attention. It worked, as he went silent, and looked up from the ground to her. She saw much worry and grief in the long, dark look of his eyes. Her pelt brushed against his as she spoke.

"I cannot compare my experiences to yours. I have lost my mother to Sunpaw, and suffered permanent scars on my left flank. But I do not let it get to me. I use them as a daily reminder of my courage and willingness to carry on. They show me how strong that I am. This will help me change my clan for the better good."

"Do not let your losses overwhelm you." Sagepaw continued. "Grieve for your loses and be angry at your father and Darktai, but not let it control you. That is what Darktail wants of you, so she can use your broken spirit to control Marshclan once you leave. Use your anger to remind yourself how strong you are, and how you will change your clan for the better. We can change out world together, as friends. I need you to do this with me. Two clans unified will stand a better chance.

The anger faded from his eyes and was replaced with gratitude, but the sorrow remained. "I am sorry, Sagepaw," Ravenheart apologized. "We will change the clans together someday, supported by our ancestors. But I have killed two innocent Lakeclan cats far. I do not know how to contend with that. Darktail can outthink us though, along with her accomplice Sunpaw. And I am angry at my father for rejecting me over my clan."

"Do not close your heart to him, as I did to mine once." Sagepaw soothingly advised him. "I cannot kill my family, for a I love them. If you ever need to kill your father for the better future of your clan, make sure he knows as he dies. Do it out of your love for him as well, and your compassion and loyalty for your clan. Stay true to yourself."

Ravenheart merely nodded to her answer, clearly understanding. He knows that he may have to do it someday. He does not want to talk about it. But that is okay. Killing one's family is a hard thing to do. I could never bring myself to do it.

"As for those two innocent cats, hold yourself responsible for the act, but not the blame." Sagepaw went on. "Remember them as reminders to yourself that we must take down Darktail. She has manipulated you. Hawkstorm was not a trick though. She never knew that that would happen. It only servers to highlight how far her ambition goes. They will not die it vain. Even in death, they will fuel us and help us think of how to outwit Darktail."

Ravenheart was now sitting up straighter. That is wonderful. He has more confidence in himself now.

"You will not have to wait two years, Ravenheart." Sagepaw reassured him. "Our time is not yet, but it will not be that far away. We shall complete phase one soon. All the clans know now of Lakeclan's treachery. But they are too afraid to lift a single paw. We will inspire them to rise up and kill Darktail. Our methods may be evil like Darktail, but they are the only effective way that I foresee. After I rid my clan of the elder, I shall gain control of then. Sunpaw will be exiled and Birchstar will listen to me. Your clan is already ready to listen to you. Just give them time to start helping you again."

Moon then came up from behind them, and also sat beside Ravenheart. Sagepaw scooted over some to give him some room. Ravenheart looked to Moon to see what she had to say.

Moon then spoke. "Everything she speaks is true. She knows be better than I know myself perhaps. I believe it is time that I tell you who I really am. '

Ravenheart and Sagepaw looked to Moon in anticipation. At least Ravenheart is calm now, relieved of his fears.

"You also know me by the name of Brightwing." Moon informed them.

Ravenheart looked to Sagepaw in shock, but she was not surprised. I had thought as much. She may have been evil then, but she has truly changed.

"How are you not shocked?" asked Ravenheart to her. "We have all heard about how evil Brightwing is! She killed her grandfather for no good reason."

It seems that I must explain her tale to him. Moon simply sat there as Sagepaw defended her. "Yes, but that is not the full story Ravenheart. She wanted to do what we are doing now: changing the clans to be good. But she had no guidance, as she is giving us now. Her anger was pent, and she unleashed it. She was a young, irrational cat. But here she has had plenty of time to think over her choices."

"But she is still a killer!" argued Ravenheart.

"Are we not killers too now?" Sagepaw calmly bickered Sagepaw. "Our ancestors have given her a chance to redeem herself, as every cat should have. Have you not noticed how no other ancestors have come to us? She is here to guide as, so we do not lash out in anger ourselves. This is a mission given to her alone, to save the clans as she sees fit! Darktail must be stopped, and this is her chance, and our ancestors chance to save our clans.We may kill, but we are doing it by the will of ancestors. And there is nothing anyone can say to object that! Brightwing us helping us.'

Ravenheart looked back and forth between her and Brightwing. "I understand you, but please give me time to think this over."

"That is okay, Ravenheart." Brightwing said. "This is a lot to take in at once. I think now is the time to say.goodnight."

"Sleep tight and hunt well." Sagepaw farewelled.

"May our ancestors watch over you." replied Sagepaw. Then the world of dreams was gone for Sagepaw, replaced by a true slumber.

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