All a Misunderstanding

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Inspired by whenhazzametboo and her characters in Cuddle Buddy 💕

Louis- Daddy
Harry- Papa
Liam- 18
Ruth- 16
Niall- 14
Zayn- 12 (headspace of 4)

The sizzling of bacon rang out of the kitchen as Harry laid another strip of it on the pan. Finding a breakfast that four kids, his husband and himself liked was difficult, but eggs, bacon and toast seemed to do the trick on a Saturday morning.

Zayn sat at the table colouring with a sippy cup of juice with Louis drinking some coffee and watching his son colour. Suddenly, Harry heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen, and he looked up to see a bed-headed Niall trudging into the kitchen.
"Good morning, Ni," Harry and Louis greeted.
"I smelled bacon so I had to come down to investigate," he laughed.
"Niall, look!" Zayn squealed, running to his brother with his drawing and showing him.
"Wow, Zayn! That's great!" Niall told him, even though he couldn't really tell what it was that Zayn drew.

Eventually, the other two members of the Stylinson family came downstairs, and soon were all eating breakfast.
"Ew, Liam, that's disgusting," Ruth grimaced when Liam let out a burp, emitting laughs from Niall and Zayn.
"Excuussee meee," Liam teased. Despite being eighteen, Liam could act like a two-year-old. Ruth rolled her eyes and continued eating.

"Okay, anyway," Louis started, sending a stern look towards the boys. "do you guys have any plans for today?"
"I need some new guitar strings so I'll go to the music shop a couple blocks down. I may go on a run with Megan later," Ruth explained, referring to her best friend.
"That's nice! Boys?"
"I may go hang out at Luke's," Liam explained, followed by Niall who planned on staying home. Lastly, Zayn chimed in with colouring, which earned some chuckles.

Everyone helped clean up, and soon the kids and adults were finding things to do around the house or getting ready to go. Ruth quickly got ready to go. She could tell her guitar was on the verge of losing more strings; it had already lost one, and she needed more so she could practice.

After she and Liam left, Niall found a book to read and Louis and Harry were responded to some emails. . .or watched Netflix. That left Zayn, who had gotten bored of colouring. He quickly found his daddy and papa.
"Daddy? M'bored," Zayn explained, climbing onto the couch.
"Well, why don't you go work on that new Lego set you just got?" Harry suggested. Zayn grinned; he complete forgot about his Legos!

Zayn built with legs for a while before he realised he was bit hungry. On his way to the kitchen, he realised his sister's bedroom door was open. He looked around to make sure no one was looking before entering. He loved Ruth's room. It always smelled nice and was clean, not like his brothers' rooms. She didn't have much in her room, but her most prized possessions were her guitars. She had one plain looking one and another with cool colours and switches and buttons on it. That one was his favourite. He was sure Ruth had told him the names, but he couldn't remember them.

He usually wasn't allowed to play without asking Ruth's permission first, but he just wanted to pluck one string! One wouldn't hurt, right? Carefully, he walked up to the cool guitar he liked so much. He plucked a string once, loving the sound that came out of it. He wanted more! Getting a bit carried away, he played the string again and again until. . .it broke!

Zayn's eyes widened.
"Uh-oh," he mumbled, eyes filling with tears. He had just broken Ruth's guitar! What was he going to do? Before he even had time to think about what to do, he heard someone walk into the room.
"Zayn?" Ruth asked in confusion. The boy turned around and burst into tears, feeling horrible for what he had done.

"Zayn! What's wrong?" Ruth asked in a rush, dropping her bag on the floor and kneeling in front of a sobbing Zayn. She checked him for injuries or anything that could possibly be wrong, but found nothing.
"I-I bwoke it! M'sorry!" Zayn cried.
"What?" Ruth mumbled, but then saw her electric guitar, and another broken string, and she figured she knew what happened. "Oh, Zee, are you talking about the strings?" She asked, trying to contain her laughter. Zayn was so cute. The boy nodded, hiding his face in Ruth's neck.

Harry and Louis came into the room at that moment, hearing Zayn's cries.
"What happened?" Harry asked as he took in the scene before him.
"Zayn thought he broke my guitar. Zee, you didn't break it!" She tried to cheer Zayn up. The boy looked up.
"I didn't?"
"No! The strings break over time from me playing it. I got some more today! It's okay, buddy," she smiled. Zayn looked from the guitar to Ruth, a look of relief washing over him.

"Oh," The boy blushed, wiping the tears from his eyes.
"Don't be embarrassed! But in the future, ask me if you want to play the guitar, okay?" She asked and Zayn nodded.

"C'mon, baby. Let's go clean your face and then we'll get you some juice," Louis smiled, taking the boy's hand. Zayn walked off with a smile, happy that he hadn't broken Ruth's guitar after all.

Author's Notes-

Ummm....uhhhh...yeah. Not my best. I guess the idea was better in my head. I hope you enjoyed it though?

I'm also still thinking about writing a Queen Imagines book. Would any of you be interested in that? Lmk.

Ugh, I'm feeling so uninspired for this book right now too. Aggg!

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