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When will she draw on her skin?

"Mina! Mina! Take a picture of me here." Her friend ran in front of the fountain, posing in an adorable way.

"Ok, ok!" Mina laughed, fumbling around with her camera. "Sana, stop moving!" She chuckled, which got her shibu of a friend to do so.

"Is it good?" Sana jumped, rushing by Mina's side, eager to take a look at her photo. She smiled wider than she did, instantly grabbing the penguin's phone just to send it to herself. "So, have you met the person writing on your skin yet?" She spoke up.

Mina hummed, shaking her head.

"Well, me too." Sana sighed, giving back Mina's phone. "I didn't know it was so hard to find your soulmate."

Mina pondered on that idea. Unlike her, Sana actually really tries to find her soulmate, her eyes darting everywhere to see if the writings on her body would match the person's face. Though the logic behind that was really unknown to Mina.

She never really tried to search for her soulmate. Mina would always wonder what they would look like but, she just stuck to the rather cheesy lines of love.

"You'll meet them, once it is time."

But now that Sana mentioned it once more, it seemed as if Mina's curiosity reached its peak. She wanted to know. Mina wanted to know how their artist of a soulmate looks like, what their hobbies were aside from drawing, what music they enjoyed, what genre of movie had them hooked? Those little questions.

Mina wanted to know.

Unfortunately, it's easier said than done. Millions and millions of people live on this world, whereas for Mina she's trying to find one person, a person she doesn't even know the name of and a person she's never seen before.

There was nowhere to start. Hence why she didn't even try looking for her soulmate. "You'll find them soon. I'm sure of it."

Sana smiled, nodding though her mind seemed to be elsewhere. Mina didn't bother calling her out on it, her friend did this occasionally so it was nothing new. "Oh, how about we go this way?" Sana asked.

"That path? Haven't we been there before?"

Sana sighed, nodding. Mina soon caught on, with a sympathetic smile, she took Sana in her hand, "Is it because of Momo?" The latter shyly nodded, chuckling.


"Then lets go." Mina giggled, leading Sana to the path that their other friend had loved. If it weren't for Sana, Mina probably wouldn't have ventured into the places Momo always visited. The memories were treasurable but there also came the painful side.

If only Momo could remember.

"Nayeon said pictures would help so I decided to go on a mission!" Sana giggled, her phone capturing every tree or every nature associated object there was. She was ecstatic, and Mina couldn't blame her. Sana was always hyper when it came to Momo.

"Make sure to show the pictures to Momo, slowly." Mina reminded, smiling as she followed close behind Sana, "You don't want her head to hurt, ok?"

"Don't worry!" Sana chuckled though Mina wasn't sure if the squirrel was really listening. The latter took a look at their surroundings and it always amazed her how beautiful the forestry was. So calm and peaceful, it was tranquility. Something Mina always loved.

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