Chapter 1

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Xiao Le woke up because of an excruciating headache – her body felt like lead and she feels like she was ran over by a horse wagon. The last thing she remembered was her cousin asking Xiao Le to play their favourite game during their childhood days for the last time before she marries the crown prince.

She doesn't really feel like playing because she was told by Mama Rong to rest well so that her skin will look good on her wedding which will happen the next day. However, Lian Le cried and said that she will miss Xiao Le and this will be the last time they will be seeing each other before they go on their separate ways.

Even though Lian Le is only the daughter of the second family, Xiao Le and Lian Le grew up and did everything together. Growing up as the only daughter of the Marquess, she was never allowed to go outside of their manor and her needs and wants was given to her easily. She was treated by everyone in the manor like a fragile flower – she was told that her only responsibility is to look beautiful and graceful all the time because she is engaged to the crown prince and will be ruling the kingdom someday.

Despite her family's reputation and her 'responsibility', Xiao Le was never spoiled. She understood her role, and was happy to be able to help her family that provided her needs and wants. When she was six, she asked her father if she could have a friend because she feels lonely sometimes, and the maids are just too formal and they are scared of making mistakes that will result to them being punished and sold to the slavers trade.

Upon seeing the understanding yet sad look of his daughter, the Marquess decided to bring the daughter of the second family. In this way, his daughter will have a companion and the second family will finally stop bothering him. However, what the Marquess didn't foresee was that the innocent child he brought home, was really a snake in disguise who was just waiting to strike.

Lian Le, although plain looking, she brings a vibe like a lotus flower who can never commit any sin. Her demeanor is so soft and graceful that will make anyone who will see her want to protect her. What no one knows is that, Lian Le's father taught her to be evil.

Lian Le grew up hating Xiao Le. She hates that the first daughter looks like an immortal fairy who is gracing them with her presence. Her waist-length, silky hair is as black as a starless night, and it brought out the beauty of her flawless pale skin. Her big honey doe eyes is surrounded by thick, curly lashes which was emphasized by her small and thin nose. Her lips is a bit bigger than the average Asian girls – she is petite and small, yet she has the aura of a goddess. Her beauty can cause a downfall of cities and nation. That's why Lian Le hated her so much – why can Xiao Le have everything without doing anything and she cannot?

Lian Le's hatred and jealousy was so deep that she can no longer wait but kill the only person that is hindering her happiness. When she found out that Xiao Le is to be married off to the crown prince two days after her cousin's eighteenth birthday, she carefully constructed a plan. She cannot allow her idiot and child-like cousin to be happy. The one who deserves the crown and the prince is her and her alone. No one else.

After acting like she is hurt because she won't be seeing Xiao Le that much anymore, her naïve cousin was finally persuaded to 'play' with her. They used to play hide and seek when they were younger, Lian Le hated the game but she didn't have a choice but play along. She wanted everyone to think that they can trust her and she wanted to be known as the girl who loves her cousin like a sister.

Lian Le made sure to ask Xiao Le at the busiest time of day, so that no one will suspect her and no one will be able to see what's going to happen.

"Xiao Le, you'll be the seeker this time and once you're done, it'll be my turn. Is that okay with you?" Lian Le asked with false adoration.

"Yes Lian-er. It is fine with me, but we are only going to do it twice okay? I don't want mama Rong to be angry" Xiao Le responded lovingly.

"Of course, Xiao Le. By the way, to make our game exciting, after blindfolding you, I have to tie both your hands okay? I learned this one from one of the maidservants."

"It is okay with me Lian-Er" Xiao Le was so innocent and naïve that she didn't notice the oddness of the game. She trusted Lian Le wholeheartedly so she didn't see the evil glint in Lian Le's eyes.

After tying Xiao Le's hands, she proceeded and 'guided' her near the man-made pond. Lian Le waited until Xiao Le was near the edge of the pond and pushed her. Xiao Le fell to the water and panicked, she can't swim because of her tied hands so she can only hope that her cousin will save her and she knows that no maid servants will come here in this area during this time of day. She tried to swim upwards using her feet but useless. Her qipao is so heavy and it is weighing her down, plus the fact that she didn't really do any physical activities so she tires easily.

Xiao Le is confused what's taking her cousin so long to save her. Surely, when she fell Lian Le wasn't able to hide yet, so how come no one is helping her? When Xiao Le is starting to lose her consciousness, she knew that she's not going to make it, and in her last moments, she never thought of blaming her dear cousin - she can only blame her own clumsiness.

Lian Le on the other side had an evil grin on her face. At last, this scum of a cousin of hers is no longer a hindrance. She hummed happily while waiting and when she was sure that her cousin is dead, she went near the pond and swam to the body of her cousin. She immediately removed the blindfold and the cloth that was tied on Xiao Le's hands, after she was done, she pushed her again to the pond and went back to her quarters while listening to her heart pounding. This was her first murder so she was a bit scared, but when she remembered the prince and the glory of being a princess consort, all her nervousness vanished and a permanent evil was plastered on her plain-looking face.

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