Bad Attitude

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Shawn wasn't in a good mood. He in fact was in a terrible mood today and even he, himself didn't know why. He just knew that he was irritated. He sat against his chair and crossed his arms, blowing hair out of his face. He wore a scowl on his face that is usually provoked by Justin. Whether it be a wedgie or some sort of bullying tactic, the face is usually worn because of him.

Not this time. Shawn sighed in frustration and ran his hands through his hair, looking at his phone as he scrolled through his social media.

Justin walked into the main area of the house and spotted the scowl on Shawn's face. He rose an eyebrow, "Hey Shawn," he greeted him as he walked past, hoping that his mood had changed for the better. Shawn had been acting attitude-y all morning and it was working on Justin's nerves but he tried to keep calm about it.

"Mhm," Shawn said, not even looking up to acknowledge Justin's presence. Justin stopped in his tracks, sick and tired of the sass and walked over in front of Shawn, not saying anything.

Shawn sat quietly until he finally looked up and noticed Justin just staring at him. "What?" He questioned, annoyed.

"First of all, watch your tone and second, when I greet you you had better reply without a snotty response." Justin lectured him, clearly annoyed.

Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes, standing up and walking past Justin. Justin snatched his bicep and pulled Shawn back to him.

"Where the fuck are you going?" Justin demanded, squeezing Shawn's bicep hard. Shawn snatched away from him angrily, "to my room!" He shouted as he tore off running, slamming his door in frustration.

Justin cursed under his breath and started to count to 100 before he went up there and did something he'd regret. Shawn had been acting moody all morning and it was getting on the pop singer's nerves.

After he calmed down, he headed upstairs to Shawn's room and opened the door, not bothering to even knock. Shawn was laying on his bed, face buried into his pillow but he shot up quickly when Justin barged in.

"You could knock, you know!" He said in an attitude. Justin took a deep breath to control the frustration growing inside of him. He walked over to Shawn, sitting beside him.

"What's your little problem?" Justin asked him in a stern low voice. The hairs on the back of Shawn's neck stood up as he heard his brother's tone. Shawn urged his nerves down and rolled his eyes, obviously having a death wish.

"I don't have a little problem, do you?" Shawn answered back sassily, Justin was losing his patience rapidly with the sass from his younger brother.

"I'll ask you again, what is your problem?" Justin asked dangerously low, almost seething in irritation as he looked at his brother whose arms were crossed over his chest.

"I don't have a problem." Shawn blankly as he clearly denied the situation. Justin wasn't convinced as he swatted Shawn's thigh, making Shawn yelp in pain.

"T-that hurt."

"Your ass is about to hurt a lot more if you keep up with this attitude, kid. Now what is your issue?" Justin asked again, expecting an answer. Shawn really didn't know what to say. Sure he was in a bad mood but he couldn't describe why, not even to himself.

Shawn looked about the room avoiding his brother's gaze which pissed Justin off by the second. Tired of this brother's antics he grabbed Shawn by his bicep, pulling him close, trying to get him over this lap.

Shawn struggled, "What the hell?" He shouted as he tried to break free from Justin's grasp, failing as he was able to pin Shawn over his lap. Shawn felt Deja vu while over Justin's knees.

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