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Clary Fairchild was finally a Shadowhunter. The Angelic Rune stood out amongst all the other runes that decorated her arms. I couldn't help but smile. I remembered my own rune ceremony. Nerves unending, butterflies in my stomach, clammy hands...It was one of the experiences I won't ever forget.

I spotted the familiar redhead among the sea of Shadowhunters, looking a little uncomfortable. I nudged Alec and Isabelle, and I tilted my head at Clary. Jace was nowhere to be seen.

We all approached her. Some of them stopped and greeted, some congratulated. Alec and I on our wedding.

I felt Alec's warm hand on my lower back as I smiled at the redhead, and the three of us gave our congrats.

"How did it feel?" Alec asked.

Clary looked at the freshly seared rune on her arm. "Uh, it hurt, a lot." Then she added, "no, it was amazing. It's just embarrassing with all these people around."

"Don't be embarrassed." Izzy told her. "You are the hero of Alicante. You went hand to hand with Valentine and killed him."

"Yeah, stop being so modest." I added with a grin.

Izzy turned to us. "I'm gonna look for mom."

"Okay." Alec answered.

I leaned in to kiss Alec's cheek. "I'll come with," I said to Izzy. "I need to use the bathroom anyway." Smirking, I patted Alec on the chest. "Don't kill each other while we're gone, okay?"

Alec grinned.

It's true that Clary and Alec didn't get along very well at the beginning (okay, there were times where I didn't get along with Clary too), but hey, everything's all good now.

After finishing my business in the bathroom, I went back to where they were, and found Alec seated in our designated table. He looked somewhat bothered, but I decided to ask about it later. This was a celebratory party, not the time to talk about our problems. "Where's Clary?"

"She went looking for Jace, I think." Alec replied. Then in a much more quieter voice, he said, "I think he went to the Cemetery of the Disgraced."

I frowned inwardly. The cemetery of the disgraced were meant for shadowhunters who wronged the Clave. For instance, circle members.

As if sensing my worry, Alec pulled me closer to him. "It's gonna be fine."

• • •

Once we got back, Alec and I headed straight for our bedroom, and I immediately called Magnus. I scoffed. I can't believe them. "And you're okay with it?" I pressed Magnus.

There was some tumbling over the line. "Yes, I am, cupcake. It's actually a relief. And come on, I'm earning."

Magnus was replaced as the High Warlock of Brooklyn and was replaced someone else by the name of Lorenzo Rey. And judging from Magnus's tone, he wasn't fond of him.

I was about to speak up when Magnus cut me off. "Ames, I need to go. I have a client to attend to."

And with that, he ended the call.

I made a sour face and pocketed my phone, before turning to Alec. "What's up with you?" I asked him.

For the rest of the day at Alicante, Alec wasn't in the mood. He didn't talk much, and he would always look like he was contemplating something.

Alec sighed, and gestured for me to come closer. I did. He pulled me onto his lap, and I gripped his shoulders.

"I was offered a position on the council," Alec began, before swallowing deeply. "A delegate under the new Consul, Jia Penhallow."

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