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               (... 3 Weeks Later...)

Harry wakes up, still extremely tired. He spent most of the night taking care of Louis, who was really upset after being ignored by Anne once again.

After a moment of getting himself together, Harry realises the reason why he woke up. Winter. She is screaming loudly. Nothing like she has ever done before.

He looked over to Louis' side. He wasn't there. His side of the bed perfectly made. The only proof someone had been there, was the messily written note, saying: Gone for a jog.

No cute nickname. Not heart or kiss. Just four words.

Thoughts aside, he quickly gets up to check Winter, wondering why on earth she is so upset.

He gets to her crib, and picks her up. He immediately feels how hot she is.

He starts panicking. "Gemma! Mum!" he yells, urgently.

He then hears quick footsteps coming towards his room.

"What's wrong?" Anne asks, Gemma standing close behind her.

"Somethings wrong with Winter!" he chokes out.

Anne reaches over to feel her forehead, "she has a fever, Haz. You guys used to get them quite a lot. I'll go down to the store to buy some baby medicine, okay."

Harry nods, "okay."

Anne smiles, and leaves, Gemma stays. "Let me have a hold of her, Haz," Gemma says, once she sees Harry's hands shaking.

He reluctantly let's her go into Gemmas arms, and he hurries his head in his hands.

"It's alright, Haz... She'll be okay."

Harry nods, and wishes Louis was here.


Louis opens the door to Harry's room, after avoiding seeing Anne.

Once he is inside Harry's room is when his boy is on the ground, curled into a ball, crying.

"Harry?! What's wrong?!"

Harry looks up, red ans puffy eyes, "where have you been?!"

Louis feels his heart drop, he feels like Harry thinks he has been cheating again.

"Baby... I just went out for a run!" he reasures, and sits down next to Harry. "What's wrong?"

"Winter is sick! And her fever isn't going down!" Harry sobs.

Louis furrows his eyebrows, "it's okay, baby. I'm sure she is fine."

Harry snuggles into Louis' side, still shaking. "I hope so..."

Louis kisses Harry's forehead, "I love you, baby... I'm so, so sorry I wasn't here."

Harry sniffs and nods, "I love you too, Lou." Louis holds him tightly, until Harry falls to sleep, and Louis picks him up and puts him on the bed.

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