94| Pastel Weddings

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Pastel crowns
And deep red breaths,
You know when you enter,
You were supposed to wreath,
Into the beauty of the evening
Cascading down her veil,
When she walked down the aisle,
Lilies dancing on her trail,

Hair tangled in the glory of the sun,
And stars shimmering from the sky,
I guess you found the right one after all,
She didn't come to deny,

Didn't realise when the vows ended,
Didn't realise when you kissed her,
Didn't realise when I looked down,
Didn't realise how I missed ya.

Why am I writing these things?I honestly hate when I write stuff like this, cause it doesn't make any sense and I don't know how it entered my head. It just popped right away. I swear hearing my friends rant about their love life is toxic for my health.

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