Chapter Thirty Four

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"Just talk, what is so hard," Alex yelled at the girl she was torturing. The poor girl had blood all over her body and she cried her eyes out. She screamed at every hit.

"I won't," Brianna said. She was always thinking about Malik to numb her pain. She kept the thoughts of her boyfriend trying to focus on it to block the pain away. He was the only warming thought that kept her saying.

"You fucking will," she said and then hit her again with the whip. Brianna screamed as her vision went blurry and it wasn't for the first time. She tried to fight it as she didn't want to look weak. Her father trusted her with that secret. Good thing he didn't trust her brother.

Alex was going angrier. Her brother was the worst. He fucking gave her to that woman only because he loved her. Alex yelled at her and continued hitting her. She was angry. She wanted that password in order to get that diamond and only then she would be happy.

"Give it to me or else, I wouldn't mind going to the next level with the torture," Alex yelled and Brianna's mind raised. She was scared about that new level all she has faced till now was physical torture. She was totally at Alex's mercy which didn't seem to be there.

"I don't know. Do you think Malik will love you the same way after hearing that you gave yourself to someone other than him?!" Alex said and Brianna's eyes watered.

"No, please no!" Brianna yelled and then Alex smirked, "I guess she would love to see a video of you cheating on him with your kidnapper. Wow! I can imagine his expression from this moment."

"No, please done! Please! I love him. Stop, you can't do such a thing," Brianna yelled. She was scared.

"Oh I can and I will. Sleep, Aurbianna Mason. You will have an exciting night," Alex smirked and then laughed leaving Brianna in tears. She was a virgin. Keeping herself to the guy who would give her his name with no shame.

"Malik, save me! I need you the most right now," she whispered and then closed her eyes. She felt every single drop of blood leaving her body. She looked down and found a lake of blood. Her eyes watered and blood and water mixed as her tears fell on the cuts that she had from Alex.


Else where:
The hospital:
Third Person Point Of View:

"Malik, I have some awesome news for you," Mera said looking at her new son.

"What is it, mom?!" Malik asked and Mera smile.

"I have sent a therapist and he gave directions. I have already told you. Force isn't everything," Mera said and Malik's face lightened.

"Really?! That's so cool," Malik said and hugged his mother. She smiled and hugged him back. She could tell how desperate he was to find his Brianna. It made her feel like he would go insane without her.

"We pin pointed it, I will send you the location. Nownget ready. I will stay here we already had his phone, and he is monitored for the next twenty four hours," Mera said. She gave Malik Derek's phone. She thought that Malik would need it at some points. Malik took a breath and put it in his pocket. He knew that whoever had Brianna should never be able to contact that traitor.

Malik went to his car along with Leo. He asked Mera to stay there to make sure that she was okay. She was his mother and he had to make sure she was safe. Plus, she helped him a lot. As soon as they entered, Malik heard his phone ringing. He took a deep breath and then replied.

"Good afternoon, Malik! I have some awesome news for you," an unfamiliar feminine voice said.

"What is it?!" Malik asked. He was scared to death but he couldn't show it. He knew that that person who was talking was related to Brianna's place.

"I know you made Derek talk and you thought I was stupid enough to depend on him alone in that. Guess what, my men are all around you," the voice said and Malik's heart almost stopped. He was losing for the first time.

"Where is Brianna?!" Malik asked. His anger getting the best of him.

"Oh, that sl*t, don't worry she is enjoying her stay here, open the camera," she said and Malik did. He saw Brianna chained on a wall. Blood was dripping from her and the caller made sure to make him see every single on of them.

"Wanna see what made her that hurt?!" she asked and then she grabbed a whip and put it in the camera, "That made her."

"Don't fucking hurt her or else," Malik warned.

"Else what?! You have turned my life into a living hell before what would you do more?!" she said angerily but she then gathered her cool and said, "Don't worry, that's not even half of it, I have to tell you that she is resting as she would have a precious night. Some of my men were a little horny, so I thought why not. I mean she couldn't stay a virgin forever."

Malik was burning with rage. Brianna was his own and no one could touch her in that way. She was his. He could only see red at that point. She was physically hurt and soon she would be sexually abused. He had to save her before someone could claim what was fucking his from the beginning.

"I dare you to touch her," Malik spitted.

"Oh my God! I am so scared," she faked and then said, "Don't worry, Malik! You'll be the first to see. Not really the first as it would look nice on YouTube but you get me. I will send you a video, don't worry!"

The woman ended the call and left Malik angry. He looked at Leo whose teeth was pressed harshly against each other. He was angry for whatever would happen to his sister in law.

"Leo, I am losing her," Malik said weakly.

"Not yet," Leo said.

"We have to go on. Our destination the place which Derel told us about. There, we would do some investigations and then we will follow them. Who knows maybe they are still there," Leo said and Malik nodded. He started the car going in up normal speeds. He had no time for all of this. He had to reach Brianna and save her before he could lose what was his.

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