Chapter 5

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The next morning I woke up to the smell of food and Hue standing on my head, trying to get my attention. Groaning, I waved him away from my hair and got out of bed. I filled Hue's bowl with food. This time when I left to eat, I closed the door behind me. The last thing I wanted was for him to get into the habit of stealing my food. Or anyone else's. Ninety-one was already setting up the dinner with plates of food when I walked in. He was dressed in a grey button-up shirt and black pants.

"Good morning," he greeted.

"Good morning," I said back. We set down and ate pancakes. I remembered seeing people make them on the cooking show back at the hospital.

"I have to head off to work soon and I'll be gone most of the day. There is plenty of food in the fridge. If you want to go out and explore the city, there is a map application on your phone that you can use to find your way around. But if you're not comfortable going on your own, I can show you around in a few days."

"I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do today."

"Well, you're welcome to stay here if you want, as well. Do whatever makes you comfortable."

I remember him saying that most people like me do all sorts of different things during the day, but none of that really sounded like something I was ready to get into today. Before leaving for work, Ninety-one gave me a plastic rectangle called a credit card. He said that I can use it to pay for things if I decided to go out anytime today. The only conditions were that I don't lose it or spend too much and that if I did go out, I had to be back before it got dark. He also gave me a key to the apartment before leaving for work. Once he had gone, I headed back into my room and let Hue out. He flew out into the living room while I unfolded my old jacket and took the key from it.

I took it to the bathroom door and used it there. A white line split down the middle of the door before both sides slid out into the walls. A large, hexagonal white room stood in front of me. The walls were lined with tall black bookcases. The ceiling rounded up into a dome that displayed a colorful starry sky that never reflected the one outside. To the left of me was a bookcase filled with boxes and cans of food and other necessities that I took from Goldsboro. I had hardly put a dent in what I had taken. At the time I was planning for the worst.

I sat in one of the six chairs that were placed around the rounded table. I touched the screen and the map of the nearby area of the country. The seven circle icon that marked Goldsboro's location. Heita was now also marked on the map. It was marked with four outlines of tilted squares. Their positions made a larger tilted square. The topmost one was black. The two underneath were cyan to the left and magenta to the right. The bottom segment was yellow.

I tapped the icon and the map zoomed in on the city. Next, I touched the information icon. A grey rectangle appeared accompanied by text. It gave basic information about the city, like how it was only limited to a select few colors and the relationship between Zenites and Monochromes. It was equally as vague as to why that relationship existed in the first place, and why it was so sought after. Unfortunately, it said nothing regarding the group of masked people.

I looked when Hue flew into the library. He was holding my cell phone in his clawed hands. He set the phone on the table. The map disappeared as the screen of the phone lit up. The word 'connecting...' appeared on the smaller screen. I watched, waiting until the text changed to 'connection complete' showed up. The map on the table returned as a similar, smaller version of it appeared on the phone screen. Symbols, city names, and all.

"How did you know it could do that?" I asked Hue. He landed at the center of the table and stretched.

The interface for the phone was a bit different than the one for the table. This time when I touched a symbol, the city's information took up the entire screen. There was also an additional sidebar that told me about recent events within the city. The one for Goldsboro mentioned its destruction, while the one for Heita had a report about one of the masked people appearing at a private business that was forced to close for the day. Four employees had gone missing.

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