1| In Throni

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Romes POV:

I narrowed my eyes at the throne, the object emitting dangerous power.

Power... that I wanted.

I took a step closer, as to see if there would be any repercussions.


Smiling to myself, I walked the whole walkway towards the throne. The dark room did not do any justice to the shining gold that decorated the heavenly chair. With every step, I reached closer and closer towards it. The throne smiled back at me, it was fashioned with ivory and covered with gold. The seat was set with precious stones that would've shone with the most brilliant gleam if the light of day ever hit them.

I mentally counted a total of sixteen more steps until I was at the seat. Perched on the armrest of the chair a golden lion lay, a matching golden lioness greeted it on the opposite side. My light eyes traveled down to the thrones leg to the gold that surrounded the velvet plush. Engraved on the lower legs, a golden wolf faced a golden bat. I mentally laughed at the irony of it. On the side, an intriguing... arch made of the purest gold, rose over it. Wrapped around the arch were three golden branches that all came together to form the back of the throne. By now I stood face to face with the exquisite masterpiece crafted in front of me.

"I would tell you to step back from the throne." I heard a voice behind me, a devilish smirk blossomed on my lips as I turned to face the speaker. "But, I feel as if any attempt to keep you away would prove futile."

I let out a small laugh, my back now to the throne. "That is true." I cocked my head at him.

He walked towards me, his steps were agonizingly slow compared to the ones I took to the throne. "You're like a magnet." He compared, causing me to lift an eyebrow, he stepped in front of me, forcing me to crane my neck to meet his eyes. "You just won't leave that throne alone."

My eyes left his and back to my golden throne. "Why would I?" I questioned.

"You'll have it soon." His tone changed, causing me to return my attention to him. "Just a little while longer, and it'll belong to us." His rough hand met my cheek, his calloused thumb rubbed my cheek softly.

"I've waited, and waited." I snapped, my mood turning sour quickly. "King Vincent has reigned for too long, it's time for a new ruler." I said orotundly.

His face turned panicked, "Don't speak like that, Rome." He whispered angrily. "He is still your King!"

"-And I'm about to become Queen." I interrupted, outwardly voicing my discontent for the current king.

His eyes turned angry, "You and I both know a King is much more powerful than any Queen."

I laughed loudly in his face, slapping his rough hand off my cheek. "No, that's not how I think. That's how you think, Ambrose."

He shook his head, his green eyes holding fire. "No, deliciae." The Latin dripped off his tongue. "That's how the whole world thinks."

I brought my hand up from my side, trailing it up from his stomach to his chest. I let my hand rest there, my fingers fiddling with the thick fabric of Victorian style shirt. "Lest you forget, my dear Rose." I mocked. "The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess." I shoved him back, and he clenched his jaw as he tried to find his footing. "And I plan on making the world into my own very game."

He huffed angrily, as he picked up his self-dignity that I made sure to shatter. His furious steps causing a loud clicking sound to be heard as it echoed off the walls of the throne room.

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