Tweets to each other.

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@LeondreDevries- Miss my baby girl loads, wish she was here right now @y/t/n 😘👑

@Y/t/n- Miss you to babe, but soon we can see each other, love you loads💖🎩

@LeondreDevries- Love you more, oh and sweet dreams princess👑💕

@Y/t/n- Night baby🎩😘😴


@CharlieLenehan- Guys, never play video games with @y/t/n because she cheats!🎮😂

@Y/t/n- I do not cheat, im just better at them compared to you😛😉

@CharlieLenehan- 😥😪

@Y/t/n- awh baby, ill let you win next time😉😄

@CharlieLenehan- This is why i love you so much😘😉

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