Ending 2 - Acceptance

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Y/N: Fine I'll be with you

Ruby: I knew that one day you'll accept us

Y/N: Please, just don't kill anyone else

All: For you Y/N

They all came closer to me and hugged me, I hugged back.

Ruby: For all of this, you need to be punished

Y/N: Fine, I guess I have no choice

Pyrrha: Don't worry, we won't go hard on you

Timeskip - Couple of years after the incident

I can't believe that its been years since the murder mass of Beacon and the death of Qrow. I still blame myself for them but I guess that will be haunting me throughout my whole life. Right now I'm just chilling with my wives while our kids are playing games. Ruby, Yang, Weiss and Nora have one kid with me while Coco, Velvet, Blake and Glynda have two. Raven and Summer didn't want any yet. But Pyrrha and I had five kids together. Most of them had their mothers looks while one looked alot like me. His name was Takeo, I wanted to name him after my father since he was always there for me, Takeo always looked up to me as a father and wanted to become a runeblader just like me, so I trained him just like how I was trained in Terrune Calibre. I must admit that I missed being in Maple World but I became more happy here.

Takeo: Father, can you help me train today?

Y/N: Not today Takeo, your mother (Ruby) is thinking about heading to your grandfathers today

Takeo: Am I going with her?

Y/N: Of course, your grandfather says that he really wants to see you again

Takeo: Okay I'll get my things ready

Takeo went to his room and got his things ready. As I was walking to his room, Ruby stopped me.

Ruby: Hi honey

Y/N: What do you want Rube?

Ruby: I hate it when you call me that

Y/N: I know, its just funny. So what were you gonna tell me?

Ruby then looked down to the floor.

Ruby: We're sorry for making you be with us

Y/N: What do you mean?

Ruby: How we tortured you

Y/N: Its fine babe

The way how they tortured me is they waterboard me, giving me cuts, raping me (mostly Pyrrha) and Nora breaking my legs.

Ruby: You can leave us if you want to

As she started to cry, I came to hug her.

Y/N: Ruby I would never do that

Ruby: Why

Y/N: Because you, the girls and the kids are my family. I would never abandon you guys

Ruby then stopped crying and kissed me on the cheek.

Ruby: Thank you for staying with us

She then entered Takeo's room. As I was going to the livingroom, Pyrrha stopped me in the hallway with lust in her voice.

Pyrrha: Remember Y/N, you promised that we would make another kid~

Y/N: Fuck me...

Well this is my life.

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