The Siren: On Lisa Gerrard's "Twilight Kingdom"

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Of the sea, and what it gives her. The pull of tides and currents that stream. The salt spray, the cresting waves, the plumes of foam. The jewel-bright fish. The cathedrals of coral, the chthonic caves. The ever changing tapestries of blue, green, black and grey in tones too numerous to name. The deepest darkness and the bioluminescence. She makes songs out of all these things, in a voice that invokes Yemaya, Tethys and sirens. You can hear it soaring in “Adrift” and swirling in “Seven Seas.” The sonorous depths of “Neptune” reveals the splendor of the Twilight Kingdom. These are hymns and arias that honor the majesty of the ocean. Drown in the haunting sound of her voice.

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