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Name: Kuro Hitachiin
Family: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (older triplet brothers), Yuzuha Hitachiin (mother)
Looks: Like the twins except he has glasses, paler skin, hands are forever cold, his eyes are a darker shade of amber, thinner, and has no hair. He wears beanies with/without wigs all the time, hipster style of clothing (usually wears nasal cannula in public and breathing mask at home or hospital)

 He wears beanies with/without wigs all the time, hipster style of clothing (usually wears nasal cannula in public and breathing mask at home or hospital)

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Likes: his brothers, his stuffed twin pandas that are hugging (he got them as a birthday present from Hikaru and Kaoru), naps, animals, books, flowers, and the outdoors
Dislikes: not being with his brothers and the hospital
Personality: wants a normal life, shy but will open up to you after a while, innocent, cute, smart, insecure about his looks(especially his nonexistent hair)
Symptoms of Chemo and Cancer: fatigue, hair loss, weight change, skin color change, vomiting and nausea, anemia, recurrent infections, weakness, bone pain, and abdominal pain
Back Story: Yuzuha knew there was something wrong with Kuro when the triplets were four years old. He would get tired fast, his skin was pale, we would cough and get infections frequently.

At first, she thought that maybe he had anemia and the beginnings of asthma. So, to treat this, he took vitamins daily and wasn't allowed to play with Hikaru and Kaoru outside, jump, run around, basically anything requiring physical labor.

But, after about three years of this, he still wasn't getting better, he was getting worse. He was still getting infections, complain that his bones hurt and hardly ate anything, claiming he wasn't hungry. That's when she knew that something was extremely wrong with her youngest son.

She took him to the Emergency Room the next morning.

After many blood tests, a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, and finally a spinal tap on the young seven year old, they went home, the boy in pain from all the needles they shoved into his aching bones.

After a week of waiting, the hospital called, telling his mom that her and her son needed to come by the hospital the next morning so they could talk to them.

Morning came and they drove to the hospital. They found out that he had Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, JMML for short.

He had cancer.

That night, she went to the triplets room, finding them all crying, the two older cuddling the youngest, cooing to him that everything was going to be okay and that they'd protect him no matter what.

She never cried so hard in her life.

A year after the diagnosis, a catastrophic event forced him to stay at the hospital as a permanent resident. The doctors claiming he was too sick to stay home and that they'd take good care of him.

Hikaru and Kaoru did not take the news very well that their brother, their world, would be separated from them. They visited him almost everyday and spend the night on weekends for seven years. But something big happened. Something so tremendous to the two that they celebrate the day it happened like Christmas.

Hi again! Oh, and by the way, I wrote the backstory all my self, did plenty of research into the cancer and it's side effects along with the chemo. If you read blamestorm13 original you can tell what parts I cut out and what I put in.

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