Chapter 24 - Back home

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“Guess who is back again!” Zayn said.

“It’s me Mario!” A familiar voice said. “Oh no, my name is Louis. Sorry.” He laughed as he came into the room.

Everyone run towards him and hugged the brown haired boy, but I stood there in shock. Of course it was a positive shock. I couldn’t believe it! My eyes watched every movement of the girl, who came after Louis into the living room. I made my way towards her. As I stood in front of the brown haired girl, I cleared my throat and tapped on her shoulder. I don’t know if it was because I wanted to convince myself that she was real and not an output of my thoughts. She turned around and as she saw who stood in front of her, she screamed and threw her arms around my neck. I pulled her closer to myself. “I missed you so much Kim.”

“I missed you too Kat.” She replied into my shoulder.

I didn’t notice that I was crying, until Harry gave me a handkerchief. “Thanks.” I smiled slightly at him.

“I thought I’ll never see you again.” I said honestly.

“Well, I also didn’t plan to come back. But then Louis appeared and everything changed.” She smiled and looked in his direction.

“You have to tell us the story.” I grabbed her arm and wanted to join the others on the couch.

“Of course, but Kat.” I turned around. “I and Louis…. Erm, we-“

“Hey. Don’t you wanna come?” A loud male voice interrupted Kimberley, before she could say anything more. I just gave her a curios and we-will-talk-later look.

After the both of us sat down, Niall wanted to know what happened in India.

“Well-“ “Wait, wait!” Harry interrupted Louis, before he could say anything else. “Isn’t it better to start from the very beginning?” His glance wandered over me, Louis, Niall and ended on Kim. She slightly nodded.

“What are you talking about?” Zayn looked confused.

“There is something we need to tell you.” Louis explained. “There’s a reason, why I flew to India.”

“Okay. Tell us.” Zayn nodded, we should begin.

So we told them the whole story about Kimberley and her father. That she wrote us – Katia – a letter, about the man who pursued her, so she went to India. We explained how we got in contact with Doreen’s parents and Alec, how they helped us and finally how we found the truth behind all these things.

“What’s the truth?” Liam asked curiously.

“We found Kim’s real father.” I answered.

“Wait. You found her father? But her dad is in London, or isn’t he?” He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

We explained them that the man, who we thought is a stalker, was looking for his daughter and his missed daughter is none else than Kimberley.

“What omg, really?!” Zayn and Liam looked at us with big eyes. “That’s impossible!”

“No, it’s not.” I shook my head.

“What are we going to do next?” Louis asked none specific.

“I will go home. And talk to my father, maybe he has an explanation.” Kimberley indicated quotation marks, as she said the word father.

“I don’t think that’s a good plan, you don’t know, how he’ll react, when he knows that you know everything.” Louis suspected.

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