27. Nick

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He doesn't know if she wants him to follow—in fact, she probably doesn't—but he has to. He has to try to make this right.

How could he have fucked this up so bad? Bailey was pouring her heart out to him, and he repaid her by making out with her friend. What is wrong with him? How can be so cruel? And to Bailey? The only girl he's ever given a shit about.

Mitzi steps in front of him, blocking his path. "Hey, Nick."

He doesn't respond to her, he just steps around her to get to Bailey. He finally catches up to her as she's nearing the line of parked cars. "Bailey, wait!"

She glances behind her but keeps moving. When she reaches her car, she tries to open the passenger door and realizes it's locked. Nick pulls the keys out of his pocket and dangles them from his fingertips. "Please talk to me."

She crosses her arms in front of her, "About what?"

He sighs both from relief that she is speaking to him and in preparation for this conversation. "You know what."

"Well are you sure you want to talk here? Where was it you talked to Ginny? Oh wait, you didn't do much talking, did you?" She steps to the back of the car, though, away from the party.

"I want to explain," he says, following her.

"Explain what, Nick? That while I was waiting for you to come back to me, you were..." she doesn't finish the sentence. He knows she's pissed, rightfully so, and if it weren't so dark here, he'd be able to see the skin on her chest and neck turning red.

"I shouldn't be surprised, really. You are Nick Robinson, after all, man-whore extraordinaire. I'm just mad at myself, really. I actually thought you had changed! Ha! Can you believe it? But I'm assuming this was just one of your fucking pranks?!? I have to say you've really stepped up your game! Making me fall for you and everything! Ha! But I guess the joke's on you this time because I could never actually care about a fuck-up like you! Nice try though!"

He knows she's drunk. She would never say these things sober, even if she believed them, but that doesn't stop his anger from rising. "Bailey, in case you forgot, you are not my fucking girlfriend! I can kiss and fuck whoever I want!"

He's thankful now for the loud music. That's the only thing from alerting the party goers of the fact that Nick's world is currently imploding in on itself. 

His words hurt her, he knew it before he said them, and he sees it now on her face. "Listen, I never would have kissed her if I would have known we--"

"We what, Nick?!?" she interrupts him. "What did you think was going to happen tonight?!?"

Considering that they both just confessed their feelings for each other, the possibilities were endless for him, but he doesn't answer her. Apparently she was lying anyway.

"How about you fill me on why the fuck you told Ginny about us anyway?"

That makes her pause. "What? Tell Ginny what about us?"

"I'm not sure. Did you talk about the time I finger fucked you in your grandma's basement?!? Or the time on your living room couch? I'm not sure which time you mentioned my 'talented' hands."

Her eyes are wide, and he sees a realization sweep over her. Just like that, she's no longer yelling. "Nick, I did not tell Ginny anything about us. I would never do that. She was talking about some bullshit story I made up to explain why you're at our house all the time. That's it."

Oh my God. "What? But no, that can't be..."

He was so sure that Bailey had given up their secret, he never even questioned it. He had wondered why, but never if it had actually happened.

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