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He opened the last letter he was holding and skimmed it's content. He shook his head and quickly threw it in the fire. He stared at all the papers he threw as it turns into ashes. Those were his unsent letters for Joanne. And since she seems happy now, Gio thinks it's better to just....move on.

When Joanne stood up that night and walked to him, he panicked and ran. And he didn't want her close, for his heart was breaking at the sight of Joanne being able to smile like that to another man. And Gio knew that Joanne will just stop him from watching them from afar. And a part of him wants to stop. But a part of him wants her back. If Joanne was single, it would be a lot easier to win her back, but she's with someone else.

Gabriel Lagman. That's the name of her boyfriend. He talked to Joanne's friend last time and found out that when Joanne went back here in the Philippines, that's when she met Gab. They were officemates. And since Joanne was the new Brand Manager, that makes Joanne, Gab's boss. He didn't know how they became close but one day, they just shocked everyone when they said they are together.

Gio smiled bitterly. Joanne had moved on that fast. He bet, she didn't have any crying like a bitch moment, unlike Gio who nearly killed himself because of too much crying and drinking alcohol. It amazes him that how can a person simply forget all of their memories in a blink of an eye.

He wanted to know how. To finally forget.

Gio lifted his hands and saw the ring tattoo on his finger. He then looked at his wrist and saw Joanne's name in it. He tattooed it himself after Joanne said yes to his proposal. He caressed it and sighed. Guess it's time to cover these tattoos now.

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