(Anicentricity) she doesn't recognize any of those d*ngd*ngs

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They're doing the #RuinMyLifeChallenge in Manucito's class, but obvs one of the benefits of dating the teacher is you get to skip all the tests. So while the rest of the class is filming themselves in the most contorted and alluring poses they can imagine, Anicentricity and Manucito f*ck on the bed in his office.

It's fine? She thinks/hopes? But she feels kind of distracted through their l*ve-making and wants to bravely confront him about it afterward, as they lay wrapped in his sheets, barely touching, looking at screens. It's just: communication is so important.

It's also just: this weird face girl thing is not going to last forever! She's constantly fearful about What Happens Next and she can't seem to quench or ignore this constant low-level terror that she's actually bad and awful and everything is about to come apart.

Being known as the weird face girl is only so good for so long, you know? She rode it hard and got a bunch of followers. Brands were eager to get her to make the weird face at their products, so she made a few appearances, got some free stuff. Then she partnered with TopSlash to do a line of weird face girl clothing and they had a very well-received weird face girl pop-up shop on Levonchuck street.

Meanwhile the #weirdfacechallenge had blown up, that was a whole thing. For a brief moment everyone was doing the weird face, or approximations thereof, set to a song by down___~_~___boy . Raminashi even referenced it in one of his singles, saying that sex with Qynka is probably so bad you are forced to make the weird face the whole time, and even just imagining it to write that line forced him to make the weird face.

But that was all however long ago. Days. Almost a week. It's doubtful now that 1 person in 5 could even tell you how the weird face thing started or who had originated it. Her weird face was buried in an unending sea of weird faces that scrolled as far back into the distance as anyone could see.

So like right this moment things at KMS are going OK, but nothing is ever certain and secure. She's got Manucito, obviously, he's still has hot as ever with his hair and his tattoos and his tight shirts and that ass that you want to run a anthropomorphized fan account for. Although sometimes, and more and more lately, Anicentricity wonders if he's not spending more time looking at some of the other students in class than he does staring hotly at her.

But! And! News: she's also dating Ms_Doxiquil, one of the teachers who used to date Manucito. She isn't one of Anicentricity's teachers, she teaches Sacred Energy, so maybe next season. She had to let DaisyXpng go but it was such a trade. This was back when the weird face girl stuff was still on the upswing, decisions had to be made on the fly there was no looking back.

And yes of course Brian_Yes_Brian is still as beautiful and amazing as ever. Everyone was always saying they looked so cute together in the videos they uploaded where it looked like they were holding hands and singing to each other across their screens. Like could anything be more cute and real.

Anicentricity looks away from her screen and leans into Manucito. Who's swiping left and right across his screen.

"What are you doing," she asks sweetly and not in an annoying way.

"Grading tests."

"Are you giving me an A," she asks, trying reference the sex they just had while being cute.

"Totally," he says, without losing a swipe.

"Because I was worried I could have done a better job for you."

"No babe you were fine." Swipe swipe.

......... FINE?????

This is bad. Her heart is actually beating. She definitely was distracted during their l*vemaking with concern about her career, but if he didn't notice that must mean HE was distracted too? She might have noticed his distraction if she hadn't been so distracted. Ugh. BAD.

"OK I'll do better next time," she ventures.

"I'm sure you will," he says, and the cheeriness of his voice does not match up with the words he is delivering, but before she can respond her screen starts freaking out.

She swipes her TL and sees a video of...herself. Naked and having sex with like 10 different people.

"Um," she says.

It's her, or her face anyway. She's 75% sure that is not her body. And definitely she doesn't recognize any of those d*ngd*ngs she's doing various things with. She seems to be really enjoying it? But that's not her though! She hasn't even had s*x with 2 people at once, embarrassingly, much less...she counts. 8.

"Um," she says again.

"Ha ha whoa what's this," Manucito says, looking away from his screen at long last, RT RT.

"That's. That's not me."

"Ha ha it looks like it though?"

Anicentricity's mouth, the IRL one not the one on screen, well both, is moving but no words are coming out. "WHY? WHO? HOW? Why does this exist????"

"I know, right?" Manucito says, staring thoughtfully at Anicentricity's screen. "Oh wait. Yeah."


"I feel like I overheard someone in one of my classes mentioning something. About doing something to you? Or something? Or they knew someone who was going to do something? It sounded like they were like planning something?"

"Wait what? When? Who? That's not helpful! You didn't think to mention it???"

"Yeah I mean...." Manucito loses his train of thought, staring at the image of Anicentricity getting b*nged on screen. "This is cool but we should probably break up."


MANUCITO YOU SUUUUUCK. Oh no poor Anicentricity, who is doing this and why is this happening??? Friends: we'll find out. But next we're going to check in with Qannen, who has a special surprise guest in her bed. Any guesses who it might be?

Thank you for reading! I'm reallly excited. xokf


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