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whoa, okay.

so, there's this subliminal i listen to, it sounds creepy and messed up, but by the time i get to that time stamp, i'm asleep; so i didn't bother removing it.

so basically, all i remember is being in a dream state where it was like sleep paralysis; but i know i wasn't in one of those, due to me moving about. - but it was extremely weird and messed up, it had things i never thought i would imagine. i can't describe what i saw.

but i eventually woke up; more confused than anything.

i then realized when i fully realized i was awake, that subliminal with the weird, messed up music was playing.

i couldn't help but think that, that subliminal could of affected my sleep?
it hasn't happened with it before, so it's not like it's constant...

anyways: not much to update again, but this morning i felt like my ribcage was coming through and my stomach was being sucked inwards.

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