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{¡Warning! I should of put this sooner but this book contains suicidal thoughts, cutting, refuse of eating, cussing and probably even more. This chap may not be for you if you:

1. Suffer depression

2. Have serious arguments with your father

3. Suffer with some eating disorder

4. Or your just a hater

I do not want hate. Saying that this book is all about Wolfie. But Wolfie is telling this story. This is a different version of Wolfie telling her life got it? Please enjoy}

"why would you want a child?"

"C'mon hon'! I really want one..please?"

He sighed and nods before kissing Roseland on the cheek and smiled softly


𝕿his diner..

Is like my escape room..

Where I feel safe..

"Hey Wolfie, Wait up!" Art's & Craft's said and ran to me as I giggled and hugged him, "I win!" I said and stuck my tongue out teasingly as he laughed at my teasing. Soon Art's & Craft's got us a party of four, Bruler and Ruler sat next to eachother as I sat next to Art's & Craft's, I sat next to the window as a I hummed quietly, "Hey...Whatcha' thinkin' of?" Bruler asked and I looked at Bruler and smiled, "About a Banana split!" I lied, but it sounded believable..

I was actually thinking about my dad..How I can improve on being a better daughter..I just hum so no one would think thay I was sad nor' having anything serious..But..I just want my dad to love me...I just want him..to just embrace a warm hug...or just spend time together..

My thoughts stopped when I saw a girl with her dad, I saw the father smiling at her and giving her love as I felt my heart being stabbed or feeling heavy and I started to feel light headed, I turned back to the window and my breath hitched for just a quick second and kept my wolf ears down as I tried to look like I'm thinking, Bruler looked at me confused, "Wolfie...Do you want you dad? You know you can tell us anything.." He said in a worried tone as I turned my head around and smiled softly, "Like I said..

I'm fine."

He sighed and the waiter came as he looked at me and smiled, "My, My. We have a youngster now do we?" I smiled and giggled as I nod happily, "Yup!" The other guys looked at me and were at ease for a split second, he took the orders of Ruler and the others, I chose a vanilla milkshake as I cannot eat choclate..only half a bar of white choclate..Its really bad for Werewolves.. especially for me..or at least what I had experience..When i ate a tiny bit of yhe regular choclate I started to puke black goo uncontrollably in uncle Baldi's and Ruler's house...Ruler was worried like if Blue were dying and Baldi face was white like a ghost..Blue wasn't there to see that luckily..I didn't want to see her face sad..I...I just love her too much to even see her sad..

"Hey Wolfie...How are you and your dad?"

I turn to see Ruler slapping Art's & Craft's shoulder, "Were fine! Just a little...arguements...don't worry! Their...just tiny arguments.."

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