Hip-Hop dancer Tom X Hip-Hop dancer Tord

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Hip-Hop dancer Tom X Hip-Hop dancer Tord

Warning:...Um nothing...I think

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Ooooo~ Finally a oneshot that won't be cliché. ARE YOU PROUD OF ME MUM?!?! Oh wait my mum doesn't read these because she ain't know that I write gay. 

Also thanks for 1K views!!


There was going to be a hip-hop dance competition, and a group of three people joined it. Tom, Edd and Matt. The three used to go to dance school together and even after they graduated, they still stuck together and the three wanted to become a famous group.

They were back stage, waiting for their group to be called onto the stage. Matt argued with Edd, arguing about why diet coke is good like normal coke. Tom was looking around, checking out the other contestants. There was a certain participant, that peaked Tom's interest. He had devil horns as hair and his hip-hop clothes looked kind off weird. Tom stopped staring at him, but a few seconds later he felt like he was being watched, so he looked at the devil-horned guy's direction again to catch him staring at Tom.

The devil-haired dude widen his eyes, his face dusted pink and looked away. Tom shrugged it off. A few moments later, Tom's group was called on the stage and the three went out and did their dance moves.

When they were done from their hip-hop, everyone cheered to which Edd smiled a grateful smile and waved goodbye. The three went backstage and Matt instantly took out his mirror and began to compliment himself. Edd took out a cola and started to drink it, while Tom looked around more. Edd the struck a conversation with Tom and the two had quite a laugh, to which Matt was jealous as he wasn't included. (INCLUDE THE NARCISSIST YOU DWEEBS!)

The competition ended and the three got second place! Edd didn't mind as much as he told his group, "First is the worst, Second is the best, third is the one with a hairy chest." Tom chuckled as the three buckled up in Edd's car. Matt sat at the back as he grumbled, "Our dance was fabulous because I was in it! We should have won! Now that ugly group with that ugly devil horn haired man!"

Tom chuckled more as he waited for Edd to start driving, but a bushy eyebrow dude stopped them from going. He was apart of the group that won first place. He knocked on Tom's window, as Tom decided to wheel the window down.

When the window was down, the man said to Tom as he gave him a note, "One of my friends likes you. They think you look cute so they asked me to give you this." Tom nodded and the man left waving goodbye. Edd started the car and drove off to their home.

"So, what's written on the paper?" asked Edd as he looked in the rear mirror to see Matt sleeping like a baby. Tom unfolded the paper and read, "Join the dance competition in Norway. The competition begins on the 15th of January. See you there <3." Tom blushed at the heart as Edd wiggled his eyebrows, yelling slightly, "Tom has an admirer, Tom has an admirer!"

*Timeskip to 15th January cause why not?!*

The group was in Norway, backstage, waiting for their turn. There was a Tv screen, so that they could see their opponents dance moves. A group name was called and the group recognized that name. 'The red army'. The group that was in first place.

The devil haired dude, the bushy eyebrowed dude and a weird hairline dude appeared on the stage. Just as the music was about to start, the devil haired dude shouted, "This dance is dedicated to a beautiful man that I met in London! I know for a fact that he is here and I want to dedicate this dance to him." The music started and the dance was amazing.

Tom blushed slightly, not really sure if he meant him or not. Their dance finished, as Tom's group was called on the stage. The group stopped doing what they were doing and made their way on the stage. The devil haired dude passed Tom, and whispered sweetly, "Name's Tord sweetheart. Remember that." A flustered Tom, somehow danced with his group.

The competition ended with a tie. Tord's group and Tom's group. The two groups had to dance alongside each other as the judges had to choose the dance that they liked the most. The two groups started to dance, no one was breaking a sweat.

Tord, did something that no one expected. He stopped dancing making his group question him. He walked towards Tom, who was still dancing and grabbed him by the waist. The two groups stopped dancing as the judges looked disapproved.

Tord lowered his head and kissed Tom on the lips. Tom's eyes widen as Edd shouted, "SHIP!!!! EVEN THOUGHT THEY DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER, I SHIP IT!" Matt covered his eyes yelling, "MY VIRGIN EYES!" The two men from Tord's group chuckled and took a picture. The judges enjoyed seeing the two boys kiss and one of them even shouted, "GO GET A ROOM YOU TWO!"

Tom's group and Tord's group, joined forces and now the group of six people were one of the most famous hip-hop dancers because, their hip-hop was amazing and theirs gay in it.

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