I sigh rubbing my hand against my face. Only two people know about my mate and yet I still have so much drama. I don't even want to know what it will be like if he ever does find out.

With the new reason to keep myself hidden I grab the door knob. I gasp as it is suddenly covered in ice, my eyes widen as then the whole door covers in ice. I take a step back looking at the frozen door standing in front of me. I grab the door knob and try to turn it cursing as it doesn't budge.

"Shit." I curse as the tardy bell rings. I pound on the door. "Help someone help me."

I hear laughter from the other side as someone calls out. "You guys! The glitch froze herself in the supply closet." I hear more laughter as they continue to walk away. I groan as I bang on the door again.

"Shut up Glitch! Do us all a favor and just die in there." I hear another guy shout. Tears prickle my eyes as my bottom lip trembles.

I close my eyes tight and try to teleport. My body doesn't tingle letting me know my attempts are failed. I open my eyes and look around. There has to be another way out, a sob escapes my lips, I grab the door again and try to force it to turn but it is frozen solid.

I shake my head. I'm going to miss class. With me being around the ice it won't melt. I don't know how long I will be in here. My breathing starts to pick up as I start feeling anxious.

"Hey!" I hear a girl call out. My eyebrows raise and relief crosses my face at the hope of someone helping me.

"Yeah?" I call out as I put my ear near the door.

I hear a round of giggles as the foul words leave her mouth "There should be some bleach in there, you should take it, it'll have a bitter taste I'm sure so just take it like a shot." Laughter bubbles from her and her friends mouth as they start to chant. "Swallow the bleach, Swallow the bleach you freak, Swallow the bleach, Swallow the bleach you freak."

They continue their chant for a couple of minutes making me slide to the floor and bury my head in my knees as I sob uncontrollably. My hands find their way into my hair and I tug lightly.

I don't remember them leaving but I could still here the chant replaying in my head. I turn my head and see a bottle of bleach.

For a moment, I want so bad to give into the chant.

Instead I sob harder.


I back up against the wall and rush to the door and throw my shoulder against it. I cry out as I slide down. I rub my aching shoulder as I look at the frozen door standing tall and strong. I stand back up and throw both hands out towards the door willing the ice to come back into my hands.

I had only done it twice before.,

Tears of frustration slowly make their way to my face.

It's past lunch and my stomach grumbles. I've missed half of a school day.

Yet no one has noticed. Those who have find it comical.

I sit back on the closet floor. I close my eyes again willing myself to teleport. I smile as I feel the normal tingles go through my body. I open my eyes and groan realizing I only teleported a couple inches over. I drop my head in my hands, willing myself not to scream.

This would be a good time to have a phone.

I again stand back to my feet and kick the door with barely any effort. I sigh seeing my reflection in the glass. My face is red and my mascara is dried on my cheeks, my hair is messy. I look like a train wreck.

I sigh as I sit back down. At least my hair is still curled.


I hear the last bell ring as the halls fill with people leaving school. I stand up quickly and start banging on the door again. "Hey! Somebody help me!" I yell out, I hear laughter as word goes around I'm still stuck.

Anger fills me as I curse "Come on! Quit being such assholes and help me!"

I'm ignored as I hear the halls start to quiet down. I feel my lip tremble once again as I realize I will end up spending the night here.

"Navi?" I hear Bain's voice. I jump up quickly going to the door.

"Bain! Help me, I glitched and froze the door. I can't get out!" I hear shuffling before his voice floats through making my heart flutter.

"Navi why hasn't it melted, it's rock solid, did this just happen?" Bain calls out confused.

I sigh leaning my head against the cold door. "It won't melt with me so close to it, I've been here all day." I hear a growl escape his lips.

I smile at his words and almost cry tears of joy. "Hang on Navi I'm goin to get you out."

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