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The Maiden And The Wolf---Chapter 1-Part 1 (Improved)

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Hey Everyone.

Here's improved chapter1 of the maiden and the wolf (improved) some of it u have already read, this chapters long so gonna upload it in 2 parts. Hope I guys like it!!!! Please become a FAN if u like and are not already. Please leave a comment below. Xx

Chapter 1--Providence--Part 1

The forest was wrapped in the early stages of spring. The bare branches of the trees were now covered in small green buds, grass and bracken shoots were pushing their way up through the mud and rotten leaves of the past winter. Birdsong filled the forest with joyful uplifting music, squirrels fresh from hibernation chattered as they chased one another along the branches jumping from tree to tree. A small herd of white-tailed deer wandered around a small clearing close to the edge of the forest, grazing peacefully but always tense, ready to bolt into the undergrowth at the slightest hint of danger. ​​​

The long awaited coming of spring to the land brought new life through the warmth and brightness of the sun.​​​​​​​

The Golden Rise forest that covered the entire length of the land of Altas, all the way to the Falcon Mountain range, separated the two ruling kingdoms from one another; it was the wide winding river Carow that cut through the forest representing the actual borderline. ​​​​​​​

Along this borderline where the normally still river turned to bubbling rapids as the riverbed followed the growing steepness and rockiness of the landscape. This is where the real story of Prince Dakota started but also where an Eltarn girl mourning her mother's mysterious death took the first step towards her destiny.

The massive black wolf padded silently through the Torhan forest along side the Carow River, his head held high showing no fear or anxiety at being so close to the enemy kingdoms land. ​​​​​​​​​

The sound of the gurgling water filled the forest with a sense of peace and tranquillity, along with the pleasant warmth of the spring sunshine and the rustle of activity of the animals just waking up from their hibernation bleary eyed and starving hungry. ​​​​​​​​​​​

On the change from man to wolf Dakota found the forest confusing. The heightened wolf senses had taken him years to grow used to but now after three hundred years of living with them they had become a part of him. Sometimes he almost forgot that he was human, he would lose himself in his wolf form. Months it had taken him to get used to the way the damp earth felt between his pads, the feeling of ferns snatching at his shoulders as he ran through them, the way he had to hunt and kill his prey, the way he heard and smelled everything around but most of all he had got used to disappointment.​​​​​

One thing Dakota hadn't and he didn't think ever would get used to, was the overwhelming empty ache in his chest. The worst thing was he knew how to rid himself of it; he just had to find her.​

Three times he had thought he had found the girl whose love would release him from his curse and each time she had died because of him because of what he was because of how he was. Now he had almost given up hope of ever finding her, it pained him every single time he saw people, they all hated him and feared him like the devil himself, many times he had almost been killed as he tried to live along side a village. He had learned the hard way that people would never accept him around them. His body bore the scars of proof that but it was the invisible wounds that haunted his conscience that wouldn't heal. ​​​

"Only one of pure heart can release you," the sorceress words echoed around his head and made his body burn feeling again the pain of his transformation into a wolf, he felt the coils of dark magic wrapping around him, his bones breaking and skin tearing. ​​​​​​​​

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