Photo- Poofless

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Short and sweet :) also I've been up since 5:30 and I'm dying but only 11 more parts to go until this book is done

Preston's P.O.V.

Rob giggled, jumping around on the end of my bed to try and wake me up, bouncing up and down and almost making me fall off and onto the floor. I pulled the blankets up and covered my head with them, groaning and attempting to kick Rob.

"Rob..." I groaned. "Go away!!! I'm tired!!!" I yelled, laughing a little when Rob crawled up the bed and started bouncing around beside my head.

"No!!! You gotta get up!! Come on!!!" He grabbed at me and tried to pull the covers off me, causing me to shriek when the cold air hit my skin and try to pull them back.

"Rob! Leave me alone!" He pouted and sat back down on the bed, poking me until I got annoyed and rolled away from him, pulling the blankets with me.

I was still exhausted, I hadn't had the greatest sleep the night before and despite Rob having pulled me close when I had awoken from nightmares during the night, but I still hadn't slept. Rob knew this too because when I started rubbing my eyes, whimpering softly, he crawled to my side and hugged me tightly.

"Do you want to just have a relaxing day babe?" He asked, resting his chin on the top of my head.

"Yeah." I mumbled back, pouting and rubbing my eyes. " 'm tired."

"I know you are." He said back, pulling me from the bed and giving me a second to get my bearings and balance myself. "You sure you're alright? You aren't normally this unsteady?"

I shrugged, letting him take my hand and help me walk into the living room. He pulled me onto the couch and let me rest on his stomach, his arms wrapped around my waist, a blanket thrown over the two of us and his lips pressing light kisses to my forehead.

I fell asleep pretty quickly, my eyes slipping closed as Rob flicked through the movies on Netflix. I was warm and comfortable, Rob was running his hand through my hair and because I was so tired I was out without 5 or 10 minutes.

"Sleep tight Preston." Rob whispered, kissing my forehead.


I woke up alone on the couch, a blanket tucked securely around me and the room warm and a little stuffy. Looking around I saw Rob sitting on the ground just beside me with his back to me, photo albums strewn around on the carpet in front of him. I groaned to gain his attention.

"Hey babe." He whispered, moving so he was leaning up against the couch. His hand gently caressed my cheek. "You've been asleep for quite a while. You sure you aren't getting sick?"

"Maybe." I croaked, rubbing my forehead. I did feel pretty bad, lethargic and there was a headache forming behind my temples, making me realise that it was going to be a lazy and unproductive day.

"Come 'ere." He said, opening his arms for me to move into. I slipped off the couch with the blanket still around my shoulders and crawled into his lap, burying my head in his chest. He then shuffled back to his original position, now with me curled up on him.

"What'cha doin'?" I mumbled through the blanket, watching as he flicked through the photo albums in front of him, occasionally stopping to look at one picture or another.

The albums were full of his baby photos and mine as well. Over our years together they must have been mixed together because there was a lot of both of us, with siblings or with parents or sometimes with friends. I giggled when I saw one of a chubby little Rob waving his arms in the air.

"Looking at some of the photos we've got, I haven't seen them in the while." He turned the page and then snickered as there was a photo of a 1 year old me a bathtub. I poked his side, pouting because he was teasing me.

"Rob..." I mumbled, closing my eyes and covering my eyes in embarrassment. "Stop..."

He kept giggling and then flicked the page, bursting into laughter and giggling at a new photo he had discovered.

"Oh my God you were so cute!!!" He squealed, showing me a photo that was on the next page. I shrieked and tried to rip the book from his hands, going bright red when I saw what he was laughing at.

The photo was of me, about 5 or 5 and half years old, a chubby little thing who was waving his arms at the camera. Keeley must have been playing dress up with me, she would have been 2 or 3 at the time (I don't know their actual agegap) and loved playing with me, because I was dressed in a bright pink tutu, a pair of my mums heels, a pair of bumblebee wings and a fairy wand in hand.

"No!!! Rob that's embarrassing!" He sniggered and pulled the book back, holding it up above my head so I couldn't take it from him.

"I knowwwwww but that's why it's cuteeeeee!!!" I tried to jump up and grab it but I collapsed back to the ground, coughing harshly. Rob faltered and sat back down, holding me upright while I tried to hack my lungs out, leaning forwards and almost gagging at one point. "Woah, woah, easy... easy Preston, calm down."

"I'm good... I'm good..." I said hoarsely, waving my hand gently. "Sorry, I think I am getting sick."

I gave him a strained smile, coughing into my elbow again. After my coughing fit I felt even more like shit than before and I rested my head in my hands, my head now pounding fiercely and making me feel woozy and nauseous.

"That's alright Preston, but I think you should relax a little. Stop jumping." I glared at him.

"That was your fault." I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. He smiled.

"Come 'ere." He whispered, pulling me back into his lap. "Hope you feel better soon."

I closed my eyes and just listened to Rob's slow breathing, smiling to myself as he ran his hand through my hair.

"Love you Robby." I mumbled, nuzzling myself into his neck.

"Love you too babe." He planted a kiss onto my forehead. "Love you too."

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