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Sunny had stayed at the EXO dorms for two days after the incident. Sunny woke up to the sound of shouting. Seems as if Suri was trying to tell EXO's maknae line to quiet down since Sunny was still sleeping. Sunny sat up and moved a blanket off of her, standing up after.

"Wah. Pretty." Sehun said under his breath enough for Suri and the two boys around him to hear.

Suri threw a piece of bread at the maknae while the others teased him for his little crush.

"Go away!" Suri said as she shooed the boys.

Most of the boys weren't anywhere in the living room, just Xiumin who was sitting with Suri. Sunny walked over and sat at the table where the two were. Suri passed a piece of toast to the girl, which she ate pretty quickly.

"Sunny, are you eating enough at your dorms?" Suri asked, her motherly instincts kicking in.

"Yeah, Yeah I am. I just didn't eat anything but those chips yesterday." Sunny explained.

Suri nodded as she stood up, putting the empty plate in the sink. Sunny followed the girl to the kitchen, sitting at the counter. Sunny put her head down in her arms.

"I miss Mingyu." Sunny said, the words just slipped out of her mouth. She didn't even know what she said.

"Huh, Sunny. What did you say?" Suri asked, surprised but excited as well.

"I didn't say anything..." Sunny said, realizing what happened.

"You just said you miss Mingyu!" Suri said, cupping the girls face in her hands and she teased the young girl.

Suri knew Sunny couldn't live a day without her boyfriend, let alone her group. They are together 24/7 so being without someone your around a lot, is a bit hard.

After a while, the girls got dressed and decided to go to the park. Before walking out of the dorms, Suri turned to Xiumin.

"Do you want to come with us?" Suri asked, the boy all ready to come along.

The girls laughed as Suri took Xiumin's hand. They all started walking over to the park, crossing the street and the girls ran up to the swings. Xiumin just slowly walked, calling the girls little kids.

"When do you think you're going to go back to your dorms?" Suri asked, moving her feet a little.

"I'm thinking about going back today. Mingyu slowed down on the calling and messaging." Sunny explained as she kicked her feet to make the swing move.

The girls walked away from the park after a while, Sunny looking over to see Suri and Xiumin hand and hand as they walked together. She cringed at the sight of the older idols but she just teased them.

Sunny stopped when she saw the tall figure standing a few feet away from her. It was Mingyu, he had gotten the location of Sunny from S.Coups after he bothered the leader so much for it.

Sunny felt all types of emotions. Sadness, Madness, but she felt happiness the most. She smiled as she ran towards the boy. He held his arms out for the girl as she clung onto his body.
He wrapped his arms around the girl and picked her up a little.

Suri and Xiumin watched from afar. Suri felt like a mother at that point. Sunny started to cry her tears of joy as she felt the arms of Mingyu grow tighter around her.

"I'm sorry Mingyu, I'm so sorry." Sunny whispered from her cracking voice, just enough for Mingyu to hear her.

"It's not your fault Sunny." Mingyu said, holding the girl as tight as he could.

When they pulled away from the hug, Mingyu wiped the girls tears and moved the hair out of her face. He explained everything. He explained what happened, how he felt, and how much Sunny meant to him.

She felt so bad for just leaving, for not wanting to talk to him or listen to what he had to say for two days. She missed his touch, his hugs, his kisses... she missed his simple voice.

She held onto his hands as she stood away from him. Mingyu was looking at her, just admiring her as she found something to say.

"I love you. Sunny, I would never hurt you." Mingyu said, giving the girl a quick kiss.

Suri and Xiumin had walked away, letting the two be on their own. Suri, was smiling as she watched Sunny take on her own problems.

Mingyu and Sunny stayed out for a while, just walking around for a little bit. Mingyu had to stop Sunny from saying she was sorry since she felt complete guilt the entire time.

In the end, she was now a little bit awkward with Mingyu but she was happy to be back with him and hear his side of the story, what really happened.

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