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Colby's pov

I hear my name being called I groan and sit up on my bed I get up and start walking to my bathroom I brush my teeth
Then get dressed I put my vans on at the last minute then Run down stairs and out the door walking to the bus stop I arrive at the bus stop and wait soon I see blinking lights from the distance then the bus pulls up beside me the doors open and I get on the bus people look some laugh andI look down at the floor and walk to my seat

Once we arrive to the school I get off the bus I walk in and I get pushed I look around seeing some bully's I turn around and I just walk as fast as I can but get pulled back I get punched seeing someone walk in they have black hair and a blue shirt that said get over it he pulled me back then he dragged me to the bathroom he put his hand up to my face I jumped back "hey it's okay" he said he cleaned up my face then walked out of the bathroom as the bell rang I stood up thinking to myself about what just happen shaking it off I went to my class after class was over I couldn't help but think about who that guy was.
Sorry this was so short
Hey you you're going to find out what happens next Saturday
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Word count: 260

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