Chapter 7

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Cass' POV:
Ianto took me out to a nice little cafe, I ordered toast and Ianto order egg and bacon. For drinks we both ordered tea.
" So Cass, do you have any other family members than Jack?"
" Yes, I have a foster mom, she lives in Iceland so I haven't seen her in a while."
" what about parents?" He asks carefully.
" My mum died about 14 years ago and my dad is busy travellin', he tries to meet up with me once a month tho."
" Aha, going back to your foster mother. What is her name?"
" Sigríður Thórsdottir."
" Where did you say she lived?"
" Iceland, why?"
" Nothing special, I've just never heard anyone named that before."
" Yeah, I guess it's kind of different from the names around here." Ianto smiled and I smiled back.
" Thanks a lot for taking out today, I really needed it."
" Anytime Cass, you're a part of our team now and a part of our family." I felt warm on the inside when he said family, and I realized that I was lucky to so many people caring about me.

After we had finished breakfast Ianto handed me money and told me to go pay while he called Jack and asked if anything had happened while we were out. The line took shorter time than I thought it would, and I looked around for Ianto and found him over by the toilets, it looked like he was still on the phone so I walked over to our table and sat down waiting for him.

Ianto's POV:
I gave Cass some money and told her to pay, I said I was gonna call Jack and ask if something had happened while we were out. Well, it was partly true, but the main reason why I called was to ask if Tosh could dig up enough info on Cass' foster mother to get in contact and invite her here.
"Hello there teaboy." Jack said in his flirty voice.
"Anything happened while I've been out?" I ask trying to keep this a serious conversation.
"No, not at all, even Owen has been quiet and working." Jack sounds bored, and when he gets bored none of us can manage to concentrate on work at all.
"Wow, I didn't know he had it in him." I reply jokingly.
"Haha" I love hearing Jack laugh.
"But did you get the name?"
"Yes sir, I think it's best if Tosh digs up all the info we need tho. She's better with the computers than any of us."
"Yeah, I guess you're right. Hang on and I'll hand you to her." I wait patiently as I hear Jack walk through a door, I guess he was in his office up till now. Tosh's voice pulls me out of my thoughts.
"Jack, how many times do I have to tell you that I can't get my work done if you keep buggering me!" She sounded annoyed, I fell sorry for her. I mean we all love Jack, me probably more than the others, but sometimes he could be REALLY annoying.
"It's Ianto." I hear him say.
"Hi Ianto, what's up?" I can't help but smile, she sounds so much less annoyed now than a second ago.
"I need you to dig up info on a woman." I reply.
"Dare I ask why?"
"Ask Jack later, I don't have much time."
"Okay, what's the name?"
" I can't pronounce it properly, so you won't get it right."
"So how am I gonna be able to search her up?"
"I have a recording of someone who does pronounce it right, does that help?"
"Yes, that's okay."
"Okay, sending it to you now." I say as I take my phone from my ear and send Tosh the recording.
"Okay, ill text you when I've got something." She said in her cheerful voice.
"And Jack." I say checking if he can hear me."
"Yeah." He says in that flirty voice.
"I was thinking about taking Cass to the movies or something to keep her away from the Hub while we search that woman, you think that's okay?"
"Yeah, great idea Ianto. Se you later then."
"Goodbye sir."
"Bye." I put my phone back in my pocket and search for Cass, I locate her at our table and walk over to her, trying to find a reason to go to the movies.

''Anything happened?'' She looked at me with curious eyes.

''No, nothing. But we did get permission to go to the movies if you want to that is.'' I looked at her, It looked like she bought it.

''Really, yeah I would love to. But what shall we see?'' I froze for a sec, I hadn't thought about that.

''Let's just go to the movies, and you decide. Does that sound okay to you?'' Nice saved I thought.

''Awesome!'' She exclaimed before walking out of the cafe with me shortly after.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Later, at the movies~~~~~~~~~~

''What about this one?'' She looked at me.

''I sad you could choose, didn't I?'' I answered her while nodding my head and turning to the ticket lady.

'' Two tickets to Black Panther please.''

''Where do you want to sit?''

''Give us the best seats available please.'' She nodded and printed out our tickets, she then showed me the price and I paid it. Cass and I then bought some candy and something to drink before going in.

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