Chapter 6

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AN:/ Hi, I've been at the countryside for a week and haven't had any internet, but I have been writing. I've also edited all the other chapters. I decided to have a little more background info on Cass, so here you go. Enjoy and comment what you think. ^.^

Jack's POV:
Jack woke up in his bed early that morning, he rolled over and watched Cass as she slept. She looked so peaceful, and jack thought back to the day he met her.
========FLASHBACK ========
The Doctor, Rose and Jack was standing in the TARDIS , Jack and Rose were discussing what it would be like if they ever met someone with the same intellect as the Doctor. The Doctor was standing over by the console when he suddenly took out his psychic paper from his coat, he looked at it and smiled.
" What does it say?" Asked Rose, excited for the possibility of a new adventure.
" I've been summoned!" He answered still smiling from ear to ear, running around the consoles hitting buttons and pulling leavers. The TARDIS landed with a "thud" and the Doctor ran to the doors, threw them open and ran out stopping a few meters away. Rose and I followed after him, not wanting to be left out of the possibility of an adventure. We had landed in the middle of nowhere, there were no houses, no people, not even trees grew here. There were just huge rocks and a mountain in the distance.
" Where are we?" Said Rose looking around and ending her gaze at the Doctor.
" Iceland 2006." A girl said walking out from behind a big rock. She looked like she was around 21 years old, she had raven black hair and her eyes were TARDIS blue. I was drawn out of my thoughts by the Doctor's voice.
"Cass, how are you? What have you been doing?"
" I'm great. Oh, you know, seeing the world. Exploring, so who are your friends?" She said gesturing to me and Rose.
" Oh, this is Rose and Jack. They're my companions, they're very nice to have. They have good qualities." We just stood there nodding, like we were agreeing to what he said.
" Nice, so what have you been up to then... dad." Rose and I immediately looked to the Doctor, before shouting simultaneously.
" Same old, nothing much. Yes, dad. Guys, this is my daughter Aerwyna Cassandra Smith." The Doctor answered while the girl just smiled.
" Why didn't you tell me about her?"Rose said, she sounded disappointed and a little bit hurt.
" Because I asked him not to tell anyone about me, I wanted to stay hidden from his enemies just a few years, until I was ready." The girl answered before continuing. " 10 years ago he didn't even know that I was alive, and I thought he was dead too. We both thought the other had been killed in the Time-War."
" How did you escape?" I asked.
" I stole a TARDIS from the repair bay, but it got severely damaged by a Dalek's gun before I could get out of there, and after landing here..." She pointed to the base of the mountain before continuing again. " ... my TARDIS blew up, I had to walk for hours before I found someone. It was a widowed 35 year old woman named Sigríður Thórsdottir, she asked me where my parents were, and I knew I couldn't tell her the truth, so I told her that My mum had recently passed away and that my dad was MIA(Missing In Action). And she said that if I didn't have anybody else to take care of me, she would gladly take me in and treat me as her own. And she did, she taught me everything I needed to know. And two years later I met my dad in Scotland of all places, he was hunting down an alien and I was on vacation with Sigríður, and we told her everything, about Gallifrey and the Daleks and the Time-War. And she took it really well, she said that it didn't matter what planet I came from because I would always be family to her. She also told me to go with him to catch up with him and then we could come visit her, and she told me that her door would always be open for me. I traveled with my dad for a while but we figured it would be safer for me to stay with her, and that's how it was gonna be. Dad came visiting once a month and took me out on an adventure, and I wouldn't have it any other way." While explaining she had been looking between all three of us.
" If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your mum?" Rose asked as politely as possible.
" We were hiding from some Daleks when one of them found mum and exterminated her."
" I'm sorry." Rose said before walking over to the girl and gave her a hug.
" It's okay, cause I've still got him..." she said while pointing at the Doctor. " ... and I got Sigríður, and I wouldn't have it any other way." She said wisely, and the Doctor looked proudly at his daughter.
" So, why did you contact me this time? It's not next month yet is it?"
" No, it isn't, but I was wondering if maby, if there is space, if I could travel with you for a while?" She said looking directly at the Doctor while putting on the sweetest smile possible, he looked back at her with a serious look before cracking into a big smile. And she threw herself into his arms and they started laughing while spinning around.
" Off course you can, there is always space for you in the TARDIS sweetheart."
She ran back to the big rock and pulled out a backpack.
After we all got settled inside the TARDIS I decided to ask her what I had wondered about for quite some time now.
" So, what should we call you?" I pointed between Rose and me.
" My friends and family calls me Cass, so you choose." She smiled, and I smiled back, I liked her so was so different from the Doctor, but still so much alike.
The TARDIS made a chiming noise and we turned to the Doctor.
" What is going on?" I asked.
It sounded like she wanted refueling." He answered and started stroking the consoles, and after checking the screen he confirmed.
" Yep, she needs refueling."
" Where can we find a place to refuel a TARDIS? Gallifrey is gone."
" In Cardiff ! The Doctor smiled and pushed some buttons and pulled the leaver. The TARDIS made the "woshing" sound it always made followed by a "thud". We waited inside the TARDIS for a while until we heard a knock on the door. Rose ran to the door and opened it, outside stood a boy who walked in and hugged her when she opened the door.
" Who is that?" Cass half whispered into my ears.
" Not sure, but I think it might be Micky..." I whispered back, but was cut of before I could finish.
" Jack, Cass. This is Micky Smith, my boyfriend." She said smiling.
" Good morning Jack." A voice said, pulling me out of my daydream. I find Cass looking at me, she looks a bit depressed.
" Morning." I smile back before asking " Everything okay?"
" Yeah, it was just a nightmare." She shrugged it off.
" Let's go get some breakfast, shall we?" I looked at her, she jumped out of bed and grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom. I decided to get changed as well, and then I walked to the kitchen where I met Ianto.
" Mornin' sir, everything okay?" He looked at me with those beautiful dreamy eyes.
" Yes, it's Cass. She woke up looking depressed, she told me that she had a nightmare, but I don't think that's the only reason why she looked depressed."
" Does she have any other family members?"
" Yeah, she has that foster mother on Iceland."
" And there you have it, she probably misses her."
" You're right, as always, maybe it's time that she came visiting. Thank you Ianto." I said while kissing him gently.
" Anytime sir." He answered smiling back at me.
" Could you do me one favor?"
" Off course sir."
" Can you find out as much as you can about her, and invite her down? Without Cass finding out about her coming here? I want it to be a surprise."
" Will do sir, and I will start by taking her out to breakfast. I'm sure she's getting sick of being stuck down here all day." The Welshman said smiling, I smiled back and nodded in agreement.
When Cass came in I smiled at her.
" Get you'r coat Cass, Ianto is taking you out to breakfast today." She smiled and ran out, Ianto smiled at me and we stood up, kissed and walked out to the main room where we met a very excited Cass.
" You ready Cass?"
" Yeah, thanks Ianto. Bye uncle Jack." I waved them off before walking into my office to do some paperwork, after some time Tosh and Owen came to work, Gwen had the day off today.

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