Chapter 11

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I was tired from going out with ruby last night. Shes my best friend in town. We stayed out all night causing me to have to sneak in last night which is really hard because snows room is basically connected to the kichen/ living room. its kinda like a loft.I had about a hour and a half of sleep. I did my hair, which consisted of a hair bun with a black elastic headband, and got dressed  in a white sweater and dark jeans before rushing out of my room as I was putting my heels on.
‘’Morning’’I said to Mary Margret as I walked over to the coffee maker and I poured myself a cup.
‘’Morning. The clock is working again’’she said looking at me and pointing outside. I walked over and I pulled the curtains slightly to see the clock tower. The clocks hands had moved to show the time.
‘’that’s weird, I don’t even remember a time where that clock actually worked’’I said taking a sip of my coffee.
‘’Me either.’’snow said. She shook her head and got up from the bench the chair that she was sitting on.
‘’im meeting Henry for breakfast at grannys’’I said grabbing my backpack and putting it over my shoulders.
‘’okay. See you later’’she said and I smiled. i walked out of the door and I walked to the dinner which wasn’t that far. I opened the door and the bell jingled. Ruby gave me a smile. I smiled back and I spotted Henry at the farthest table to the door. I sat down across from him.
‘’morning, Henry’’I said taking my backpack off.
‘’morning. I ordered you pancakes’’he said pushing the plate across the table to me.
‘’I ate one’’he said and I laughed.
‘’thanks’’I said taking my fork and cutting the pancakes.
‘’so how did everything go with your birth mother?’’I asked taking a bite.
‘’I got her to stay for the week! its already working, the clock moved! I told you she was the savior. operation cobra is officaly started’’henry said excitingly. 
''operation cobra?''i asked
''its what im calling  getting the curse broken''
‘’ Ah, well im glad you found her. Don’t tell Regina I said that though’’I said laughing slightly. I looked up to see Emma talking to Graham at a table.
‘’I sent her hot coco. I guess she thinks its from Graham’’Henry said.
‘’your hiding from her arn't you’’I said. He put his finger to his mouth. I took another bite of pancakes.
‘’the coco was a nice gesture and I am in pressed that you guessed that I like cinnamon  on my chocolate because most people don’t but I am not here to flirt so thank you, but no thank you’’Emma said putting the coco down. I already like this girl.
‘’I didn’t send it’’Graham said.
‘’I did’’Henry said looking back at Emma and Graham.’’I like cinnamon too’’
Henry strapped his backpack on and he got up from the booth.
‘’don’t you have school?’’Emma asked
‘’duh. Im ten. Walk me. ‘’Henry said.
‘’sure’’Emma said and they both walked out. I took another bite and I took my plate and walked over to Grahams table.
‘’so she thought you were flirting with her. Already making a impression’’I said laughing slightly.
‘’don’t I always’’
I rolled my eyes and took another bite.
‘’shouldn’t you be heading to school?’’
‘’I thought we could have a Liz and Graham day.  Like bring your daughter to work day. Arrest some people eat donuts’’
‘’first you arn't my daughter, second just because im the sheriff dosn't mean I can pull you out of school whenever I want to’’
‘’its not like you havn't done it before’’I said in a sing song voice.
‘’not this time. Besides you were out all night, going to school is your punishment’’Graham said taking a sip of his coffee.
‘’your eyes are red and you look tired and your hyper, your always hyper when your tired. Come on, I will give you a ride’’
Graham stood up and took his wallet out and threw money onto the table.
‘’I hate you sometimes’’I said swinging my backpack over my shoulders.
‘’key word, sometimes’’
I waved to granny as I followed Graham out of the diner.
After school I got home and I changed into my dinner uniform. I had a short shift of 4 hours tonight. I went to work and did my shift. I got home and I showered and changed into grey sweatpants and a white tank top. I put my long hair in a top bun. I sat at the table eating dinner with Mary Margret.
‘’so you bailed her out?’’I asked. Emma had gotten arrested for supposedly taking Henry files from Dr. Hopper, Henry's therapist. She was framed by Regina, as Henry and Emma said. I believed it, that is something Regina would do.
‘’I trust that she didn’t take the files. Besides she needs to be cut a break, Regina's really coming down on her.’’
I nodded and took a bite of salad. After dinner I sat on the coach reading a book. Mary Margret was sewing at her desk. A knock on the door interrupted my reading.
‘’now who could that be?’’Mary Margret said before getting up from her desk and going to the door, opening it.
‘’hey, I just wanted to say thank you and pay you back for the bail money.’’I heard Emma say. It was quiet for a second.
‘’you look like you need to talk’’Mary Margret said.
‘’yeah sure’’Emma said. Mary Margret moved over and Emma came in.
‘’hey’’I said putting my book down onto my lap.
‘’hey.  Your Elizabeth right? Henry talks about you a lot’’
I nodded smiling at her.
‘’yeah. Your Emma, Henry talks a lot about you too’’
She nodded giving me a smile back.
‘’liz why don’t you make some hot coco’’Mary Margret said and I got up.
‘’yeah sure. Im the best at hot coco.’’I said and I got up and walked to the counter. I was in my own thoughts as I made 3 cups of coco. I put cinnamon on top before grabbing two mugs and carrying them to the table where Emma sat. I handed one to her.
I set the other one down and Mary Margret came over with cookies.
‘’cinnamon?’’Emma asked
‘’yeah. Sorry I should have asked. It’s a habit’’I said
‘’no its fine’’she said.
‘’cookie?’’Mary Margret asked
‘’no thanks’’Emma said setting the mug down.
‘’well im going to go to my room. I have homework.’’I said getting up and grabbing my mug.
I walked to my room and closed the door, letting them talk.  For some reason I just thought that they needed to talk without me being there. I did my homework before falling on my bed. I was so tired that I didn’t even use the covers, i just fell asleep.

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