Chäpter Ønë

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I stared into my mirror in complete calm, my mind filled with nothing but an almost deafening silence. Too much silence.

There was no emotion within me; not anymore. I felt empty, like the mere shell of someone I used to be.

My personality lacked it's normal bright light and my smile brought forth no joy.

I was a liar.

Every smile I smiled was a lie, along with every other laugh I forced and calm demeanor that I faked.

Did it make me a bad person to not feel the emotion others claimed I should? Did it make me weak to not own up to my own true feelings about myself? Did it make me shallow to feign a personality just to make my parents proud?

Did having two faces, one for the public and one for myself...did that make me fake? Untrustworthy?

"My Lady...'tis time to dress for breakfast. Your parents wish for your presence this morning."

I turned to face my maid, Callie, and gave her a small nod. It was no surprise that my parents wanted me to dine with them; In fact, I already knew of what they would speak.

They wanted my attention on the urgent matter of the town, wishing for me to make a public outing in the village and socialize with the people. I knew this because it was what they always spoke of on Thursday mornings with me.

Callie's soft grip on my arm pulled me from my thoughts and into the washroom where she helped me strip out of my night gown and step into the tub full of hot water. The element surrounded me, the heat from it rising up as steam into the still air.

Callie put her familiar rose soap into the water and I watched how the clear liquid slowly foamed up into thick and fluffy bubbles that covered all of my body parts from any prying eyes.

I laid there for a while with my head leaning back against the granite, the hot water surrounding me while Callie massaged my scalp with her honey and rose soap, lathering my hair with her fingers. Bliss filled me to the brim as I sighed in pleasure, the feeling absolutely exquisite.

Callie had been my maid for nearly three weeks now, and she had become one of my few favorites. I knew soon she would be switched out for another maid though, one that didn't know anything about me.

This was how it had to be.

I couldn't have a person staying around me for too long, for fear that they might slowly begin to figure me out. Like I was an odd piece of a puzzle.

In fact, that was the job of a maid or servant, so I couldn't really feel any anger towards them. They had to observe their lady or master to find out what it was they liked, their personality, their dislikes and how they felt about...well nearly everything.

I couldn't even fathom having that kind of intimacy. Not when I had too many secrets to hide. Too many flaws to cover.

I closed my eyes as Callie poured water over my head, letting the now cool liquid rinse my hair of it's impurities and bring forth the fresh smell that would always soak into the strands.

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