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A dark cloud of sadness, anxiety, and curiosity hovered over Verans. Elias was comforting his wife, Lena was bonding with Connor but I know her mind was on our discussion with the doctor. I was too but I had to compartmentalize priorities. Jakobe found Shia's mate and the witch. They all will be returning to Verans in a day's time. Jessaline had everything under control and the rogue wolves around human towns and packs have been dealt with accordingly.

Everything was reverting back to normal. Packs declaring their loyalty to the crown, reports of the attacks, laws reviewed, all via email. The day went by quickly. What I wanted presently, was for some sort of peace within my new family.

Leaving the office, I made my way up to my room, her scent was pulling me to her. I simply wanted to hold her. Her sadness and worry plagued me all day as I worked. I missed her laugh, her slow smile when she sees me. I understand why she was this way but I'm still worried. As I neared our room, I caught the sound of her voice, singing the lullaby. Gently I opened the door to find her sitting in a patio chair on the balcony. Dressed in one of my pajama shirts and a lounge pants, she was still gorgeous to me. Caressing her tummy and singing the lullaby our parents sang to us, I can see our future clearly. Dante agreed also. We couldn't wait to see our son in her arms.


The smile that bloomed on her face chased away all the stress and tiredness in my body. Slowly, I made my way to her. The scent of our pup was becoming stronger. For werewolves, pregnancy will be six months, the same symptoms as humans just fewer months.

"Any word from the doctor?"

"Not as yet. I haven't told Elias of our plan yet. Not wanting to get Helen's hope up," I replied. Ignoring the seat next to her, I opted for kneeling beside her. Her slender fingers combed through my hair as I placed my head on her lap.

"The witches aren't a threat. Go easy on them. One saved our Connor," she said softly.

"I know but it angers me that she stayed by his side as he killed and hurt these humans and his own kind," I said, lowly.

"She loved him, Mikael. She followed her heart's desire. If you were to walk away from all of this and go on a rampage, goddess above knows I will follow you. Wherever you go, I go," she said tugging my head up.

"I understand. I will thread easily. How were Connor and Vincent today?"

Her eyes lit up by the mention of our sons.

"Connor's eating a full cooked diet and now has control of his beings. They spoke to me today. We're going to work on shifting tomorrow. Vincent. He's such a quiet one. No morning sickness just weird cravings," she replied. Kissing her tummy, I whispered words of love and praise to my son. "When we get home, we'll bond with Connor so he can be domesticated. Jonathon wishes to do a ceremony for Bryce and Liza in two days. His son is coming home to welcome his new siblings," I said.

"That's wonderful. How about I get dinner started? Family dinner?"

"That will be great."

It has been a while since we had dinner, as a family back home. Now with the addition to our family and everything that has been going, a get together should be fun.

Standing my full height, I pulled her into my arms and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Feeling her arms tighten around my neck, I knew that this kiss will lead to more. I can feel her restlessness along with Tara's. Lightly tapping her butt, she jumped onto my waist, locking her legs behind my back. I can feel my dick harden by the brushing of her breasts against my chest. She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth as our lips danced together. The light touch of her fingers against my skin made me moaned in anticipation. With my help, she got rid of my shirt as I walked us to the bed.

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