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Seulgay💗: hey im back, finished school about an hour ago.

Baechu😊: Oh thats great then

Seulgay💗: Yeah, its great that im home.

Baechu😊: Why? Did something happened to you in school?

Seulgay💗: its nothing, dont worry.

Baechu😊: okay.. if you say so, but im here for you okay?

Seulgay💗: Oh ok thanks..

Baechu😊: np.
Hows my baby girl doing?

Seulgay💗: Oh shes fine, Texting her most favorite girl

Baechu😊: Oh sorry that message wasnt for you
sorry that i sent you the wrong message.

Seulgay💗: Whoops... well pretend you didnt see my text earlier.

Baechu😊: Omg what!? im your most favorite girl!? 😱

Seulgay💗: Im going to pretend that you didnt know that 😐

Baechu😊: Aww you're my girl too😘

Seulgay💗: ...
Anyway who's your baby girl hm?

Baechu😊: Ahh..
Why are you curious?

Seulgay💗: because i want to know
Why cant i know?
Im your friend right, so i should know.

Baechu😊: Fine.. the girl who im kinda dating.
Actually.. im currently in france right now, but i need to go back to korea

Seulgay💗: Oh whys that?

Baechu😊: personal reasons.
And i dont know if i should tell her.

Seulgay💗: you should tell her that you're moving back to korea and you should also settle things right for the two of you, like you two can still be friends when you leave, tell her that you're really sorry that you have to leave for personal reasons and make sure you're both in good terms.

Baechu😊: wow.. thank you seulgi, i appreciate your advice.

Seulgay💗: Anytime!

Baechu😊: How'd you know any of these?

Seulgay💗: I guess i was reading too much stuffs or maybe because i handle things simple?

Baechu😊: It looks like it.

Seulgay💗: yep
Wait you're going to korea!?

Baechu😊: Ne
Is it bad that im going back to where i came from?

Seulgay💗: No..

Baechu😊: Exactly
And maybe someday we can meet..

Seulgay💗: i dont know.. maybe??

Baechu😊: mhmmm and dont you dare try to ignore me when i call you in public, even though i only saw you in one picture😅 i might recognize your face.

Seulgay💗: Im terrified.

Baechu😊: Oh i know
Anyway i need to go settle things right now.. i think its night at yours.

Seulgay💗: Sure
Bye Irene it was nice talking to ya, Goodnight.

Baechu😊: Goodnight bear.

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