Preparing for Impact (3)

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      The elevator doors slid open. 

     The blood in her veins was racing. The tips of her fingers were freezing. Her lungs caved under her fear. It was rather like her body was preparing for impact. 

     There was another door before her. It was sleek black with blinking lights above it. She approached it and knew she had to use another key. After a couple panicked seconds of failed attempts, the door lit up with green and slid open. 

     Aeress stepped through before it could close. 

     Hospital my ass. 

      She was in a hallway with dingy, red carpet for a floor, and a tacky, floral design on the walls. On the left, there were signs for bathrooms. But it appeared there were better chances of life to the right. Having detected daylight, she practically skipped to the right. 

     To her amazement, she found herself inside a bakery. 

     How the hell? 

     Even better, she caught sight of the clear, glass exit doors. Amen! 

     Paying no mind to the empty tables or lack of workers, she swiftly strode toward freedom. It was time to exit the freakshow and back into reality! The only thing on her mind was the fact that she could see a parking lot, hell, was that a road?! 

     She pushed against the door and was confused when it didn't budge. She pushed again. And again nothing. No! 

     "Well, young lady," the voice made her jump out of her skin. It was someone familiar. "I think we need to talk." 


     She was fidgeting in her seat, examining the cuffs on her wrists that were attached to the table. So not only was this a hospital, but also a police station? Just great. 

     She thought she would lose her mind as she stared at a blank wall with the bright lights above bothering her eyes. The door was behind her. The chair was metal and uncomfortable. So was the table. 

     "Hey, mind," she muttered to herself, "I thought we agreed to getting back to reality?" 

     The door popped open and she immediately tensed, turning into herself. She was shocked when she recognized the first woman she had met at the club. Her pale skin looked lovely in the silk blouse she sported. Her lashes were impossibly long. What was her name. She had told them. "Nina?" 

     Her light brown eyes lit with interest. Her german accent was a little heavier than before. "You have good memory." She flashed her pearly whites. "And you are Aeress. Now that we are acquainted, I need you to answer some questions for me." She smoothed down her straight, black locks which were pulled back in a severe bun. 

     Aeress blew out a breath. "I don't understand what is going on, and I don't care to. I just want to go home, eat my feelings away, and binge watch Daredevil. Just let me go, please?" She was pleading by the end. 

     The woman arched a lovely plucked eyebrow. "You are very interesting. Tell me, what were you doing at the club last night?" What a polite way to say no. 

     Aeress sighed and closed her eyes briefly. "I didn't even want to be there. My friend, Shaya, she dragged me along, thinking it would make me feel better, because I haven't been able to find a job. I swear we were just there to have fun. What happened after that is a one big blur." 

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